12 Nonprofit Podcasts That’ll Make You a Fundraising Mastermind

Podcasts offer organizations the chance to market their expertise to the world. For nonprofits, social activists, and philanthropists, it is more than that. Podcasts help nonprofits learn inspiring stories, gain knowledge, discover new trends, and develop skills. Luckily, there is no shortage of nonprofit podcasts out there. Here are a few that stand out!

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12 Nonprofit Podcasts That’ll Make You a Fundraising Mastermind

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Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing cultural phenomena in the United States and beyond. As per a recent study on podcast statistics, 144 million Americans have listened to podcasts at least once and 74% of such users have done so to learn something new. Moreover, listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes per week on podcasts they love.

Such magnificent growth of podcasts has offered organizations and individuals a platform to market their expertise to the world. But for nonprofits, social activists, and philanthropists, it is more than that. Podcasts for nonprofits are a means to learn inspiring stories, gain knowledge, discover new trends, and develop skills for consistent growth.

Luckily for nonprofit professionals, there’s no shortage of nonprofit podcasts out there. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top nonprofit podcasts you should listen to for inspiration and growth. We’ll also cover some other important topics including –

  1. The Nonprofit Podcast
  2. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio
  3. The Business of Giving
  4. The Good to Growth Podcast
  5. Nonprofit Leadership Podcast
  6. First Day Podcast
  7. Successful Nonprofits Podcast
  8. Nonprofits Are Messy
  9. Tiny Spark
  10. The Official Do Good Better Podcast
  11. The Impact Boom Podcast
  12. Uncharted Ground with SSIR

Why are Podcasts so Popular?

Research at Stanford University observed that we remember information more when it is conveyed as part of a narrative “up to 22 times more than facts alone“.

Humans think in stories. And the format of podcasts lends itself to storytelling. The audio content allows us to engage with the content in a different way. What’s particularly great about them is that podcasts are ideal for listening “on the go”.

For example, the daily commute to and from work, usually a mind-numbing time, is great for listening to podcasts. Podcasts offer an opportunity for time optimization and personal and professional growth. They can also be very inspiring – which is great for nonprofit professionals. They can discover similar people/organizations who are striving to bring about goodness in the world, their everyday struggles, challenges, what they’re doing to overcome them, and their stories of success.

Why Should Nonprofit Professionals Listen to Nonprofit Podcasts?

There are many reasons why nonprofit professionals should consider listening to powerful nonprofit podcasts:

  • Easy to get started. Podcasts are easy to find and subscribe to. All you need to do is download the application on your device or navigate to the website to start listening to your favorite podcast.
  • They’re free. With very few exceptions, podcasts are completely free. If you’re thinking there might be a signup or subscription fee, that is not the case, especially with most nonprofit podcasts.
  • Diverse and informative. Whether they offer bite-sized knowledge or cover topics in-depth, podcasts are a great way to stay informed and learn new skills, especially in the nonprofit sector.
  • Podcasts inspire. We may often underestimate the value of inspiration in the nonprofit world but on days when your mission seems a little far from possible, inspiration from fellow professionals can work wonders. They not only help you stick with your mission but also discover ways to scale impact and growth.
  • Can be portable. There are several excellent apps you can use to subscribe to podcasts you like and sync the content across your platforms.

Top 12 Nonprofit Podcasts for Inspiration and Growth

Here are some of our favorite nonprofit podcasts featuring renowned philanthropists, social innovators, CEOs, and more. Listen and let the stories inspire you.

1. The Nonprofit Podcast (Formerly The Important Podcast)

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout, Google Podcasts.

The Nonprofit Podcast shares inspiring stories of people along with actionable tips and best practices to help boost your overall nonprofit growth. Hosted by Jena Lynch (Nonprofit Advocate at Donorbox), Cara Augspurger (Fundraising Coach at Donorbox), Jared Polivka, and Heidi Bianco, this podcast channel is an essential hub of everything nonprofit.

The Nonprofit Podcast by Donorbox invites experts to share their knowledge and experience in strategy-making, fundraising, nonprofit management, donor stewardship, and more. Interviewees include noted thought-leaders, founders, and directors from impactful nonprofits such as Ten Eighteen Uganda, Upward Scholars, Movember, and Barn Sanctuary.

Some notable topics covered at this podcast include –

  • Top Nonprofit Trends of 2023.
  • Creating a SMART game plan for 2023.
  • Improving Email Open Rates.
  • Donation Page Design Must Haves.

This channel presently comprises 49 episodes with the run-time ranging from 6 minutes to over an hour, with new episodes every week. If you’re often motivated by other nonprofits’ stories of struggle and success and are looking to gain from their experience, this podcast is a must for you.

2. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, STITCHER.

The Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio podcast is a go-to for those 95% of nonprofits that have big dreams but a small budget. It addresses issues that they struggle with in terms of fundraising, board relations, prospect research, volunteer management, accounting, finance, technology, marketing, and more.

This podcast channel is hosted by Tony Martignetti who is an ardent evangelist for planned giving with 25 years of experience working with organizations to build successful planned giving programs. He also hosts planned giving fundraising trainings and consults in charitable solicitation registration, getting charities into compliance with state laws. Tony started this podcast channel in 2010 to work with industry experts and thought leaders to help small and mid-size organizations.

The podcast currently comprises 600+ episodes. One of its recent episodes discusses nonprofits’ relationship with money and how it influences their fundraising. Follow this podcast every week if you want to get wise to topics that will holistically improve the way your nonprofit functions.

3. The Business of Giving

the business of giving

Where: Apple Podcasts.

The Business of Giving is hosted by Denver Frederick, who has 40+ years of experience in the philanthropy world. The program explores possible solutions to today’s social problems including global poverty, affordable housing, clean drinking water, and education. Each week, Frederick interviews philanthropists, nonprofit luminaries, and social entrepreneurs that are at the forefront of social change.

The podcast comprises 438 episodes. Denver recently invited Kris Kepler, the CEO of LavaMaeX, to discuss how the organization is helping restore dignity for the unhoused. Nonprofits can not only seek inspiration in such impactful discussions but also discover great platforms to further their cause.

4. Nonprofit Hub Radio

nonprofit hub radio

Where: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud.

The Good to Growth Podcast, a podcast by Nonprofit Hub, covers a wide range of topics in the nonprofit world. They will break down data, interview thought leaders, and discuss management strategies in each 20-30 minute episode.

From breaking down content posted in article form on their website and recapping webinars, to having conversations with the industry’s most influential thought leaders, host Katie Appold, a nonprofit leader and executive director at Nonprofit Hub, will narrate the way into transforming your organization for good.

This podcast currently owns 128 episodes. They are primarily focused on the various aspects of nonprofit governance, fundraising, and development goals. This weekly podcast channel is determined to help nonprofits move from good to growth with expert tips, ideas, and insights into the nonprofit world. The episodes aren’t too long and can be the perfect resource for your nonprofit leaders.

5. Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

Where: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Google Podcasts.

The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast: Making Your World Better covers the most critical issues, trends, and opportunities facing nonprofit leaders and those engaged in social innovation. Hosted by Dr. Rob Harter, a nonprofit executive professional with 27 years of experience, this podcast features founders and CEOs of nonprofits. You will hear real stories from experienced leaders about what strategies and practices have made them successful.

The podcast channel currently has 223 episodes. One of the recent ones discusses how to discover and encourage untapped generosity from your current donor base. What this means for you is an immense knowledge base shared and enriched by top leaders of the nonprofit world. Follow for the latest episodes that come out every week.

6. First Day Podcast

the first day podcast

Where: The Fund Raising School App on App Store and Google Play, SoundCloud.

The First Day Podcast from The Fund Raising School is a weekly podcast series dedicated to the advancement of ethical fundraising. Each episode is usually 10-minute long and provides the latest news and research information in philanthropy and fundraising. Some of the popular topics with thousands of plays include Donor Advised Funds, Fundraising Advice, Major-Gifts Fundraising, Self Care for Fundraisers, etc.

The podcast channel currently has 259 episodes. None of them are more than 20 minutes long and provide compact knowledge on the latest advancements in nonprofit technology and fundraising. Their Donor Advised Funds episode has already hit over 19k plays on SoundCloud. Follow this channel if you prefer short podcasts and want to benefit from the latest nonprofit updates.

7. Successful Nonprofits Podcast

podcasts for nonprofit

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Android.

The Successful Nonprofits podcast hosted by Dolph Goldenburg has episodes that focus on managing your nonprofit’s risk, utilizing social media, using your board most effectively, crypto philanthropy, content marketing, and much more. Each episode features a nonprofit expert. The podcast covers a wide range of relevant topics including nonprofit mergers and promoting diversity and inclusion.

The podcast channel comprises 282 episodes at present. Each week they release one new episode, about 40-minute long, featuring a top nonprofit leader who talks about newer trends in fundraising and philanthropy, marketing, collecting data, recruiting volunteers, onboarding, and more. One such recent episode was about accepting cryptocurrency donations featuring one of the industry experts, Zach Bronstein. Follow this podcast if you’re eagerly looking to learn the newer trends of the nonprofit world and grow your organization accordingly.

8. Nonprofits Are Messy

nonprofits are messy

Where: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Android, PlayerFM.

In her podcast, Joan Garry, a professor and nonprofit leadership mentor, covers everything from nonprofit marketing, overcoming fundraising mistakes, leadership, optimism, and just about everything else in between. The podcast delves into real-life scenarios a nonprofit might face. Whether it’s fundraising that interests you, or the board of directors, marketing and communications, team building, leadership, finance, social media, staff management, or even self-care for nonprofit professionals – this nonprofit podcast has got you covered.

This podcast comprises over 176 episodes with an average run-time of 50 minutes for each. One of the latest episodes discusses the secrets of a high-functioning board of directions in nonprofit organizations. While another focuses on retaining top nonprofit talent. Such topics are bound to help leaders and senior nonprofit professionals looking to improve staff and board engagement in their nonprofits.

9. Tiny Spark

tiny spark

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast.

Tiny Spark is all about taking a hard look at the business of doing good. The podcast episodes are usually journalistic in nature. They cover topics of philanthropy, nonprofits, international aid, and development. Amy Costello, the show’s host, particularly focuses on providing insights with her guests on the unintended consequences of aid, philanthropy, or charity. Some of their best topics include health equity, climate justice, food rescue heroes, forgotten women in wars, nonprofits seeking language justice, etc.

With 156 episodes not more than 40 minutes long, this podcast is a slightly different take on nonprofit podcasting. Most of their episodes are focused on the research and in-depth analysis of adverse societal situations. But their speakers hail from the nonprofit and philanthropic world and can offer you close insights into the conditions you’d want to improve through your mission.

10. The Official Do Good Better Podcast

the official do good better podcast

Where: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher.

The Official Do Good Better Podcast is hosted by Patrick Kirby, a fundraiser, nonprofit expert, author, and event creator, and it interviews leaders and champions of small and medium nonprofits. The focus is to share their success stories and the impact with the world. Some of their episodes are as short as 12 minutes but include insightful topics such as event planning, website marketing, goal-setting, and more.

The podcast is having 282 episodes and can be a quick go-to place for everyday solutions in the nonprofit world. Every couple of days, they come up with an episode featuring nonprofits and changemakers. Their stories are inspiring and can be helpful for leaders and nonprofit professionals. So if you have about 15 – 30 minutes on your hands, dive right in, follow, and listen to this podcast.

11. The Impact Boom Podcast

impact boom podcast

Where: Apple Podcasts.

Impact Boom Podcast is an initiative by Impact Boom, a social-innovation company focused on boosting social impact through programs, events, and inspirational articles. In this podcast, they interview nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and educators to seek stories of inspiration. Each of their episodes is no more than 25 minutes long. They discuss possibilities to spark change and address issues in the workplace.

The podcast presently owns about 367 episodes, all meant to scale the growth and impact of nonprofits through storytelling and knowledge sharing.

12. Uncharted Ground with SSIR

uncharted ground with SSIR

Where: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher.

Uncharted Ground is a podcast initiative by The Stanford Social Innovation Review that often slices audio recordings of their events into episodes. Host Jonathan Levine talks with experts on various topics such as social entrepreneurship, global issues and stories of development, and nonprofit journeys.

This podcast comprises 8 episodes with some of the most eye-opening and daunting societal tales from corners of the world. The episodes have an average run-time of 40 minutes and are released once a month. Engage in some of the most moving stories and experiences shared by the industry leaders and nonprofit experts on this podcast.

Over to You

Hopefully, this list of top nonprofit podcasts will help you start out with a phenomenal tool that is enhancing the growth of thousands of organizations out there. If you’re looking to learn more from free resources and tips, explore our Nonprofit Blog and Donorbox Library. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a curated list of the best Donorbox resources (podcasts, webinars, blogs) in your inbox!

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