New Updates | Form Editor, Donor Filters, Communication Records & More

Donorbox is built keeping in mind the ease of use for nonprofits, to allow you to create powerful and customized donation forms. We are continuously working to develop advanced donor management features so you have clear visibility of all your donors and donor activity. In an effort to improve efficiency, we have revamped the donation…

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New Updates | Form Editor, Donor Filters, Communication Records & More

Donorbox is built keeping in mind the ease of use for nonprofits, to allow you to create powerful and customized donation forms. We are continuously working to develop advanced donor management features so you have clear visibility of all your donors and donor activity.

In an effort to improve efficiency, we have revamped the donation form editor and introduced a series of new features that significantly help manage donors better.

With an improved user experience, we are now letting you create faster campaigns while offering the same consistency and personalization that you expect.

Here are all the new feature updates:

  1. Form Editor : A faster and easier form editing dashboard.
  2. Moments : Receive notifications based on donor activity triggers.
  3. Communication Records : Record important interactions with donors.
  4. Donor Filters : Find donors by location, donation amount, frequency, etc.
  5. Crowdfunding : Create your own crowdfunding campaign page

Our new product updates support nonprofits by minimizing efforts on setting up donation forms and letting you focus on your nonprofit goal and mission.

In this post, we will explain all the new features mentioned above, and their functionality.

Form Editor

We’ve redesigned our donation form editor to make it easier and faster than ever, to get your campaign off the ground.

You can now start editing straight away on the left-hand side of the dashboard and each step you take will be highlighted on the diagram of the donation form on the right-hand side, so you can see exactly the part you are editing!

You can now add many enticing features to your donation form to boost your donation value & encourage donors to complete their donation.

2020 11 03 14 11 56

Choose a default donation interval and add a heart-symbol to your organization’s preferred recurring donation interval.

Add a compelling Call-to-Action message that will appear at the top of your donation form.

Screenshot 2020 11 03 at 14.16.29

All the advanced options are still available in the same editor. You can access it at any time. We plan to upgrade these options in near future with new, improved options to further increase your fundraising potential.

Screenshot 2020 11 03 at 14.37.37


Keep up to date with your donors’ activities automatically.

Moments allows your organization to automatically receive notifications about a donor’s behavior, allowing you to contact them immediately to resolve an issue, congratulate them on an anniversary, or thank them for their continued support.

Moments are located on the left-hand side menu.

image 4

The number next to “moments” shows how many moments are currently ready to be actioned.

When clicked, you will see a list of donors, and their respective “moment” to contact.

image 1

The following events will cause a donor to appear on the Moments list:

  • First Year Anniversary – after one year has elapsed since the donor’s first donation to the organization.
  • Cancel Recurring Donation – when a donor cancels their recurring donation.
  • First Time Donation – when a donor donates for the first time to the organization.
  • Changed recurring donation to a higher amount than before – when the recurring amount has been increased to a higher amount than before.

How it works.

1. Once a donor appears on the list of Moments, there will be two buttons/actions available to the organization- “Record” and “Dismiss”

    • Record : This will open up the donor’s profile with the ‘Communication’ tab.
    • The description box will be prefilled with text (depending on the moment trigger).

image 2

2. Once the organization has contacted the donor (through email, phone etc), they will record the communication action in the communication tab.


3. Dismiss: This option will remove the donor from the Moments list.

We are working to create more moments/events to be updated in the coming months.

Pro Tip: When attempting to reach a donor, use the ‘Record Communication’ button to enter the details of your interactions directly into the ‘Communication Records’ section of your donor’s profile.

Communication Records

Keep track of donor interactions with Communication Records.

With communication records you can record any important information regarding your donor, for example, you can record the history of your communication with the individual donor, you can record a note to remember to involve them in your upcoming gala fundraiser or to make sure they are notified about the completion of a specific project.

The goal is to make it easier for you to record specific communications with individual donors for future reference.


  • Efficient tracking of communication with donors and visible to your organization.
  • You can record and add direction- inbound or outbound communications with donors.
  • One place to record donor communications from all channels- social media, email, phone, etc.
  • Helps nonprofits “know their donor”. For example, if a donor calls the organization, the team member in the organization can see all previous communications with the donor, and have a better understanding of their history.
  • It gives organizations a better chance of personalizing the donor’s experience with them.
  • Easy to record the history of your organization with the donor and use it to enhance donor relationships.

How it works

  1. Click on the donor profile to, scrolls to the bottom to find the Communications tab.


  1. Input all the relevant information as shown below.
    • Direction: Add if the donor reached out to the organization or vice versa, or if it’s an internal note.
    • Channel: Select the channel of communication – email, phone, social media, etc.
    • Description: Add the content of the communication.

image 3

(adding a communication record)

  1. Click on “Record Communication” to save the communication record. Here is how it will look on the donor profile.

image 3

Inbound communications appear on the left, outbound on the right.

You can record internal notes in the same way, simply select “Internal Note” as Direction.

image 1

Your internal note will appear in the middle of the communications record logs.

image 2

Pro Tip:  It’s important to introduce a procedure in a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy that includes recording all donor communications within this section. This ensures your team has a holistic view of the donor’s entire communication history.

Donor Filters

Find donors by location, by donation, and more.

We’re constantly adding new filters to Donorbox, the newest of which is the locations and donations section of the donors page. Now, you can filter your donors by country, by the type of donation frequency they’ve made, and also the amount of donations made.

Screenshot 2020 11 03 at 10.01.41

2020 11 03 10 13 33


  • Identify the exact types of donors to analyze your fundraising and donation channels.
  • Create custom lists for marketing campaigns based on location, donation amounts, and the frequency of donors. You may want to engage your frequent donors differently than those not very frequent or one-time donors.
  • Analyze donors to build targeted fundraising strategies.


Crowdfunding is the latest way to raise funds with Donorbox. Not only can you create inviting fundraising pages, but you can also post updates, email your subscribers, and share links to your organization’s social media profiles – all from the one page! Your supporters can keep up to date with the latest from your campaign via your own update emails and share your page easily.

Screen Shot 2020 11 11 at 6.56.41 PM 1

You can create a crowdfunding page by selecting to create a “Fundraising Page & Crowdfunding” campaign option under Campaign Creator.

Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 12.49.10

Setting up a crowdfunding page is just as easy as setting up a normal donation page with Donorbox. Your form editors work in a similar way.

2020 11 09 15 16 18

You can select a host of options to make it your crowdfunding page your own. Learn everything about our crowdfunding feature here.

Here’s how to can add all campaign details for your crowdfunding:

2020 11 09 15 19 06

See how easy it is to send updates to your loyal donors, and also to the visitors who have subscribed to your campaign (without donating) on your crowdfunding page!


We are excited to release all new updates and hope they add value to your fundraising campaign. With Donorbox’s new crowdfunding feature, we have started supporting nonprofits in raising funds with faster campaigns and by effectively involving their supporters.

We are continuously working to improve your fundraising experience with Donorbox. That is why we look forward to your feedback, please share your valuable suggestions here.

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