10 Best Charities Fighting to Combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking charities do some of the most important work imaginable – freeing enslaved people and moving us toward a world with no slavery. In this article, we'll walk through 10 of the most impactful human trafficking charities, including their missions and notable initiatives.

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10 Best Charities Fighting to Combat Human Trafficking

The fight against human trafficking has a long history. Many people assumed slavery was a thing of the past, but nonprofits like those listed below have helped bring the reality women and children face into the public eye. Many of these organizations work closely with churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faiths.

We have chosen these 10 organizations because of their unique missions, successes, and recognition of survivors’ stories. Use this list to inspire your own missions or make decisions about which organizations you’d like to donate to.

1. Reintegra

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Mission: “Supports survivors as they rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.”

Reintegra was founded by Lorena and German Villar in 2012. The organization has offices in Colorado, Texas, Mexico City, and Costa Rica. They educate the public and advocate for survivors by sharing survivor stories and providing scholarships and grants for two safe houses. The safe houses in Mexico City and Costa Rica help rehabilitate survivors and provide financial, emotional, and psychological support.

Reintegra gives supporters several opportunities to help the organization. People can donate, attend, or volunteer for events, share information with students, partner with businesses, host their own events, etc. Their Take Action webpage puts some of the power into supporters’ hands by asking how they want to get involved.

People can donate one-time or monthly through their Donorbox donation form on the Donate page.

2. Nomi Network

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Mission: “To end human trafficking by creating pathways to safe employment, empowering women and girls to break cycles of slavery in their families and communities.”

According to Nomi Network, 38% of trafficked women are forced to marry without their consent. 62% are victims of forced labor, including bonded labor and debt bonds, domestic servitude, commercial sexual exploitation, and child labor. Nomi Network was named after a girl from Cambodia who had been trafficked and abused by eight. The organization’s goal is to give girls like Nomi a future.

They do this by:

  • Providing life and technical skills training.
  • Connect women with jobs and promote fair labor standards.
  • Connecting corporate brands with responsible sourcing and consumers with ethically-made products.
  • Raising awareness about human trafficking and advocating for an end to modern-day slavery.

Supporters for this organization can donate to provide survivors with:

  • Life skills and technical training.
  • Financial literacy.
  • Job training and placement.
  • Legal seminars and counsel.
  • Micro-enterprise support.

3. Adaptive Ops

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Mission: “Identifying human trafficking activities, documenting the key information, and developing it into intelligence that can be used as evidence for law enforcement.”

This organization is different from the others on this list. It is a 501c3 organization but also provides security for executives, celebrities, dignitaries, and domestic violence victims and probation services like drug testing, pretrial release, home and work visits.

Adaptive Ops was founded in 2019 by Aros Artimus Mackey, a now-retired Secret Service Agent who worked for three different presidents. They also search for missing adults and children with community searches, safely transport the child to their home or a youth center, and use techniques and licensing to hunt down wanted pedophiles.

Supporters can become Adaptive Ops Allies and receive mentoring from the founder. People can choose to donate to the organization one-time, monthly, and yearly on their donation page.

4. Shared Hope

Mission: “We strive to prevent conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children.”

Shared Hope uses a three-pronged approach to end human trafficking.

  • Prevent – The nonprofit’s prevention program trains first responders and community members to identify signs of trafficking and employ intervention techniques to rescue child trafficking victims. They do this with in-person and virtual education.
  • Restore – Shared Hope provides mentorship, financial support, and technical assistance to local organizations and businesses worldwide. Through their National Restoration Initiative, Women’s Investment Network, and International Villages of Hope, they help develop programs that offer holistic, long-term care for exploited women and children.
  • Bring justice- Finally, their bringing justice program started grading states in 2011 based on their ability to end demand and identify victims of sex trafficking.

Supporters for this organization can donate, host events, attend conferences, advocate, request a speaker, pray, or sign up to receive training to combat child trafficking. They also provide resources to help report trafficking.

5. International Justice Mission

best human trafficking charities

Mission: “To protect people in poverty from violence by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts.”

International Justice Mission is a group of advocates, donors, investigators, social workers, lawyers, and government leaders that works with local governments to rescue victims and throw the oppressors in jail. Their focus on disrupting business models that fostered slavery, prosecuting slave owners, and dramatically increasing the legal, financial, and opportunity costs make this organization stand out.

International Justice Mission works with low to middle-income countries to protect women, children, and men from violence in 13 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

This organization is one of the nonprofits that provide detailed ways for churches to support their efforts. Churches can hold Freedom Sundays that inform parishioners about modern slavery and visit office locations to see the work firsthand. They also work with students to include efforts in their schools and churches with prayer, bible study, and ways to educate and take action.

6. Polaris Project

Mission: “Polaris is leading a data-driven social justice movement to fight sex and labor trafficking at the massive scale of the problem.”

Polaris Project’s goal is to reduce sex trafficking in 25 United States cities by building social safety nets, shifting accountability from victims to traffickers, and changing the norms about prostitution.

They assist victims and survivors through the US National Trafficking Hotline and help ensure traffickers are held responsible. They also use survivor stories to improve the way trafficking is identified, how victims and survivors are assisted, and how communities, businesses, and governments can prevent it.

Supporters of this organization can become a North Star Guide with a monthly donation. They can also join the Freedom Circle, a group of supporters who dedicate their time, talent, and philanthropic resources to help the nonprofit.

7. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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Mission: “To serve as a resource center for law enforcement, families, and the public to help find missing children, reduce sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization.”

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works on a macro level. This organization came into existence in 1984 by John and Reve’ Walsh to serve as the national clearinghouse and resource center for information about missing and exploited children. Their offices in Florida, New York, and Texas have received five million calls, circulated billions of photos of missing children, and assisted law enforcement and recovery of more than 376,000 missing children in the last 37 years.

In addition to the hotline, this nonprofit provides:

  • Mental health support for victims and families.
  • Education programs to address online and real-world effects on children.
  • Training for law enforcement on what to do when a child goes missing.

Supporters can volunteer, donate, purchase items, hold events, become corporate or program partners.

8. Logos Wilderness Therapy

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Mission: “We provide survivors of sex trafficking and trauma a “safe house” in the wilderness where both mental health and wilderness professionals journey with them into deeper healing and freedom.”

Wilderness therapy has become a popular choice for addiction, behavioral problems, and trauma processing. Logos Wilderness Therapy has used this concept to support victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. Their programs last seven days and six nights and provide a combination of therapies and wilderness training by professionals. Costs for the treatment include:

  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Lodging and meals.
  • Gear/equipment for program activities.
  • Support from mental health therapists and experienced wilderness therapy guides.

The price for these programs is around $1,000, with scholarships available for up to 70% of the cost. Supporters can donate, sponsor a survivor, host a fundraiser, or participate in the Commit 12 Challenge. This campaign includes a recurring donation of $12 a month and a promise to get outside and share your commitment with your friends and family online through peer-to-peer fundraising.

9. Deliver Fund

anti human trafficking organizations list

Mission: “Deliver fund was founded and is operated by a group of uniquely qualified and trained individuals. We leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.”

Deliver Fund was another nonprofit founded by individuals with backgrounds in CSI, NSA, Special Operations, and law enforcement. This organization focuses on using technology to combat human trafficking. They pride themselves on taking over the office space of Backpage.com in Dallas, Texas. It was the largest website marketplace to buy and sell women and children. The website was shut down in 2018.

Deliver Fund uses their time and effort to equip, train, and advise law enforcement partners with state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence platforms.

  • Equip – This organization has the largest analyst-curated human trafficking database in the US. Thanks to this tool, the time it takes to identify victims has reduced from weeks to hours.
  • Train – Deliver Fund supplies and trains law enforcement officers to use technology and interact with intelligence teams. They learn how to rescue victims and how to take down criminals.
  • Advise – This nonprofit also provides law enforcement with reports that identify human trafficking activity in their areas.
  • Thrive – Finally, victims receive support services and get to connect with other survivors.

People, companies, and law enforcement can help by donating, starting and campaign, and purchasing products from the organization.

10. Free the Slaves

anti human trafficking organizations list

Mission: “Changing the conditions that allow modern slavery to exist.”

Free the Slaves was founded in 2000. Since then, 14,000 people exited the state of slavery. 650,000 communities in high trafficked areas have received education on their rights, and more than 300 traffickers have been arrested.

This organization’s approach to ending human trafficking is to provide education, tools, and resources for vulnerable areas. They do this by:

  • Finding at-risk communities, defining their vulnerabilities, identifying needed interventions, and charting a path forward.
  • Provide training, technical assistance, and grants to NGOs and other local nonprofits responsible for services or legal protection. This includes encouraging media to report about slavery in the area.
  • Developing village committees to educate neighbors, look out for trafficking, and support victims. The groups have provided better access to schools, healthcare, and employment. They also helped survivors find shelter, counseling, medical care, education, and vocational training.

Supporters for Free the Slaves can share their videos, fact sheets, teacher, and student guides with their communities. The organization has also provided a helpful link to Senators and House members so people can advocate for the nonprofit.

Final Thoughts

The nonprofits fighting against human trafficking have taken on a difficult mission but have already informed and inspired the world to take action in a short time. These 10 organizations stand out in their field, but many more nonprofits are doing similar work. The goal of each of these organizations is to permanently end human trafficking and slavery.

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