How to Enable the In Honor/In Memory Of Feature in Donorbox

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The act of honoring another person is a powerful celebration of their significance to us. This could be the memory of a precious loved one. Or the monumental contributions of an inspiring figure. These people touch our lives and make the world a better place. They should be acknowledged. What better way than with a donation?

Honorary donations extend the positive impact made by extraordinary people in our lives. Donors are more willing to contribute to your cause, knowing that they can honor someone important to them and make a difference too. Donorbox has the perfect way to give donors this opportunity: Our In Honor/In Memory Of Feature.

Difference Between ‘In Honor of’ vs ‘In Memory of’:

What Does ‘In honor of’ Mean?

‘In honor of’ is used to signify respect or any monumental contributions made by the person and pay tribute to them as a token of gratitude.

What Does ‘In memory of’ Mean?

Whereas, ‘In memory of’ is used when someone close has passed away and you want to commemorate the loved one. It reiterates the importance of that individual.

Donorbox’s In Honor/In Memory Of/Tribute Donation Feature:

in honor of vs In memory of someone loved one

Donorbox’s In Honor/In Memory Of/tribute donation feature lets donors pay tribute to a special person by making a donation in their honor. The donation is flagged accordingly. The person being honored (or their representative) will be notified via email or post by the Organization. And, a personal message can also be included.

Giving an honorary donation is quite a fulfilling experience for your donor. They already believe in your organization enough to donate. And, it would mean the world to them if they could do so as a personal gesture to someone/something they hold dear.

difference between in honor of and in memory of

How to Enable the Donorbox In Honor/In Memory Of feature

Log into your Org Dashboard. Then, click the “Edit” link next to the campaign form that you want to enable the In Honor/In Memory Of feature on. This will open the Form-Builder.

Click the “Donation Designation/Reason” tab. You will see a toggle switched, labeled “Enable tribute donations”. Once enabled, you may customize its settings, as required.

in honor of someone or family member

Get Started With Donorbox

How to Send Customized and Automated Email to Your Donors:

The “Notify a Recipient” option lets donors select the preferred way to notify the recipient. They can choose email or post.

A customized email notification can be sent out automatically to the honoree or a selected contact. Your donors will simply add the recipient’s email, name, honoree’s name.  Click here to find out how to set this up.

Postal Mail is a great opportunity to respond with a personal handwritten letter or perhaps a small gift sent on the donor’s behalf.

The “Allow donors to type a custom notification message” option lets donors include a personal message. It will give you a better understanding of what inspired them to donate. The importance of your relationships with donors cannot be overstated. And this is one of the ways you can learn more about them.

Donorbox’s In Honor/In Memory Of feature is a wonderful way for donors to be more invested in a cause. Their donations have a deeper significance to them because of their personal ties. And, ultimately, this will mean more donations to your cause.

If you need any assistance enabling the ‘In Honor Of‘ or ‘In Memory Of‘ feature, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you out!

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Rebekah is the Head of the Customer Success & Intelligence team at Donorbox, ensuring nonprofits and individuals receive the best support at all times. Under her guidance, Donorbox is able to create friendly and meaningful relationships with their customers.

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