20 Companies That Donate to Nonprofits: Industry-Wise List

Companies across industries like sports, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and more have realized the importance of social good and their responsibility toward their communities. They offer numerous grant programs and donation opportunities to nonprofit organizations and charities that qualify. This list of 20 such companies will give you insights into their programs and help you receive donations from them. Read on!

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20 Companies That Donate to Nonprofits: Industry-Wise List

Stats show that 94% of millennials would buy from a company with an excellent CSR program. Gen Z has continued this trend. Thanks to these younger generations, many companies have begun to realize the importance of social good in strengthening their brand presence. As a result, in addition to partnerships, they are also offering grants and donations to charities around the world.

With the variety of business funding available, many nonprofits include corporate outreach as a significant part of their fundraising strategy. To help with these outreach efforts, we’ve compiled a list of companies that donate to nonprofits.

The twenty companies we’ve listed below offer products and services that most people will use at one time or another. As you learn more about their grants and appeal process, keep in mind other products you use that may offer similar funding.

20 Companies That Donate to Nonprofits

Technology companies like Google and Apple have made headlines for their social responsibility efforts. Other industries have jumped on this trend and are excellent options for grants, sponsorships, and donations.


Regardless of who you are, retail is a primary cost in an individual’s budget. The following companies have found ways to give back as their businesses grow.

1. Target

This company is a weekly stop for most moms, especially if your local Target has a grocery department. Target’s grant programs let nonprofits around the world apply for various grants, depending on their needs.

Screenshot of the Target Grants page as an example of retail companies that donate to nonprofits

This company offers Community Engagement Funds to nonprofits in the same community as a Target store or distribution center. These grants focus on social and environmental issues. Any nonprofit with a Target in their area can also request a Target GiftCard donation directly from the store.

Its Community Engagement Funds are invitation-only. Nonprofits that want to apply for their Gift Card donations can fill out the request form and drop it off at their local Target.

Nonprofits must be 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, accredited schools, public agencies located in the United States, or one of its protectorates.

2. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a department store that sells clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. It offers Community Grants – typically ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 – to organizations that operate in Education, Health Care, or Human Services. They also donate 1% of their gift card sales to nonprofit organizations!

Nonprofits can apply for Nordstrom’s grants from October 1 – 31 every year using this form.

3. Amazon

Being the largest online retailer hasn’t stopped Amazon from paying attention to the growing desire of consumers to pay back their community! Amazon does this with its Research and Education and Imagine Grants.

The company provides AWS Cloud Credits for Research to cover eligible Amazon usage costs for researchers who:

  • Build science-as-a-service, software, and tools or facilitate research of their community
  • Perform benchmark tests to move research and open data to the cloud
  • Train the larger community to use the cloud for research via workshops and tutorials

Amazon has three Imagine award categories available for registered nonprofits in the United States. They’re looking for organizations with programs that utilize technology in new and expanded ways.

Winning nonprofits are awarded unrestricted cash funding up to $200,000, up to $100,000 in promotional credit, access to technical specialists, and an opportunity for AWS marketing promotion.

Registered nonprofits in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland can also apply for an Amazon Imagine grant and receive up to $50,000 in funding, up to $16,000 in promotional credits, access to a project kickoff workshop and other technical support, and marketing promotion.

4. Walmart

The Walton family has built a mega-corporation based on providing affordable goods. Today, Walmart’s reputation isn’t where it used to be, and they’re trying to curb public relations issues by providing financial support to the communities where they have stores.

A screenshot of Walmart's Spark Good Local Grants Guidelines webpage, which shows how they are a company that donates to nonprofits

Walmart’s Spark Good Local Grants range from $250 to $5,000. They also have a Northwest Arkansas Giving Program, with several award opportunities.

Nonprofits that apply must be local organizations or affiliates that operate locally. They must also have a Spark Good account and be verified by Deed before applying. 501(c)(4), (c)(6), and (c)(19) organizations are not eligible.

Grant applications are open at different times throughout the year, depending on the award. So be sure to check out the website to find the grant that best fits your nonprofit!

5. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is an online retailer selling unique crafts and gifts. They’re less of a household name, but their Better to Give program gives them the chance to support nonprofits they care about.

Nonprofits that are chosen for this program receive $1 for every purchase customers make. So far, they’ve donated more than $3M to nonprofits across the globe.

They often prefer to work with lesser-known organizations and accept recommendations via email at .


Some sports companies stand out for their social responsibility programs and donate to nonprofits. Here are a few!

6. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a well-known athletic retailer that sells everything from soccer cleats to hockey skates. Their founder believed sports played a significant role in teaching children and making communities stronger.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation has community outreach programs that sponsor youth sports with grants of up to $25,000. Organizations must create an account to apply.

7. Nike

Nike is a well-known retailer that specializes in shoes and athletic clothing. It does things a little differently than other companies on this list. They state that their employees are at the heart of their community impact and offer several programs for employee-led donations.

sports companies that donate to fundraisers

Nike employees can volunteer for their favorite charities and receive $10 per hour in matching donations. Employees also act as ambassadors for the company, serving as youth coaches and applying for funding for local children’s teams.

8. Patagonia

Patagonia sells durable, multifunctional clothing and gear for outdoor and sports activities. They stand out on this list because of their passionate focus on the environment.

With their 1% for the Planet program, they fund organizations that work to protect the environment and affected communities with 1% of every purchase. They also reinvest in areas where they’ve already built connections with outdoor recreation and retail stores.

Patagonia also offers small grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, with deadlines varying for each program. The nonprofits that they fund must be 501(c)(3) organizations or comparable fiscal sponsors and located in specific countries listed on their website.

Patagonia accepts one proposal per organization in a given fiscal year, which is from May 1 to April 30.

They don’t provide endowment funds or participate in political or bike advocacy campaigns.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage companies are a crucial part of building a socially responsible economy because they are often popular among many consumers. The following companies donate to nonprofits and are taking their roles in being a part of a socially responsible economy seriously.

9. Ben & Jerry’s

If you’re a fan of ice cream, you probably know about Ben & Jerry’s. These two brothers turned their small ice cream parlor into a multi-national company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation is a social justice organization that focuses on building a more inclusive world and equitable society.

Their grant programs in the U.S. offer awards of up to $30,000 for small nonprofits outside of Vermont, with a focus on grassroots and bottom-up organizations. Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Giving back to their own community in Vermont is another one of Ben & Jerry’s priorities. They fund Vermont nonprofits that work to address needs like housing, health, childcare, elderly care, and food for all under-served populations. These grants are generally under $2,000, and applications are reviewed monthly.

Their other program, called the Equity and Justice program, offers grants of up to $20,000 for nonprofits that work to address economic, social, and economic disparities in Vermont. The deadline for this grant is typically in the beginning of May each year.

10. Coca-Cola

A beverage company that most everyone knows is Coca-Cola. Though they started off with soda, Coca-Cola now also sells water, coffee, tea, juice, dairy, and alcohol.

Their social impact efforts have focused on women’s empowerment, access to safe water, natural disaster relief, climate change resistance, and more. They do this with philanthropic funding, system expertise, and partnerships that drive collective action.

coca cola donates to charity

Coca-Cola also provides scholarships to first-generation college students across the country. They currently do not accept unsolicited proposals for grants, but individuals can apply for college scholarships online at the beginning of each school year.

11. Albertsons

Albertsons is another small business that turned into a mega-corporation. Today, Albertsons is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the U.S., with stores in 35 states and D.C.

Albertsons’s Foundation focuses on hunger and funds organizations that support the neighborhoods they serve. Their Nourishing Neighbors Campaign is invitation-only, but nonprofits interested in partnering with Albertsons can apply to be considered.

12. Organic Valley

If you assumed Organic Valley would fund organic farms, you’d be right. Their foundation currently focuses on funding projects that:

  • Benefit family farmers who produce organic dairy, eggs, meat, produce, and grain
  • Focus on soil health and biology
  • Strengthen CROPP Cooperative

Nonprofits interested in receiving a $5,000 to $50,000 grant must submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) to their online grant portal. The foundation replies to all LOIs in two weeks.

There are two grant cycles per year – be sure to check the website for the deadline announcements!

13. Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a go-to for many millennials. Their freshly baked bread, sandwiches, and soups are comfort food at their finest.

The Panera Bread Foundation invests in at-risk children and youth and provides funding for nonprofits that offer mentorship, professional development, college readiness, workforce development, and skills building.

Panera also provides other options for nonprofits, including donations of unsold bakery goods to local nonprofits and hosting fundraising nights. Learn more about these programs here.

Travel and Tourism

As younger generations grow and start to book trips of their own, they tend to prioritize companies that take their social responsibilities seriously. The following companies are starting to get the picture.

14. Boeing

Boeing is a leading global aerospace company that manufactures and services commercial airplanes, national defense products, and space systems for 150+ countries. It funds programs that provide the skills required in today’s economy, military families, environmental sustainability, and advancing racial equity and social justice.

travel and tourism companies that donate to nonprofits

Boeing will sponsor select major events, organizations, and projects that align with their purpose and business strategies. Nonprofits interested in receiving their sponsorship must:

  • Provide brand awareness opportunities
  • Provide a platform to educate and inspire targeted global audiences
  • Stand out in their industry
  • Provide employee engagement opportunities
  • Interested in a long-term, sustainable partnership

Their website has a list of organization types they don’t support, but those who can apply will hear back within six weeks.

Pro tip: Applying for sponsorships with international corporations like Boeing may seem challenging, but you can stand out with a detailed sponsorship packet. Sponsorship packets are used to inform businesses about the nonprofit, upcoming sponsorship opportunities, and marketing perks available.

15. Delta

Delta is a top commercial airline and focuses its involvement on the communities where their emloyees work and live. Their areas of interest include education, global health and wellness, armed forces, and veterans.

Delta has supported schools and YMCA programs as well as partners with larger organizations like the Red Cross, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

501(c)(3) nonprofits that fall within these industries can apply for sponsorships or charitable giving at least 90 days before an event.

16. Host Hotels

Host Hotels is an S&P 500 company that oversees 79 Hotels in 20 U.S. markets. Its corporate responsibility program focuses on reinvesting in environmental stewardship programs that mitigate climate change.

They’ve made significant changes to their hotels with LEED and emissions reduction products. They also provide grant funding for registered 501(c)(3) organizations in the areas of education and youth empowerment, environment, health and well-being, and human welfare.

17. SeaWorld

Thousands of people visit SeaWorld every day to enjoy the experience of feeling the dolphins, seeing a killer whale, and riding a roller coaster.

Like many larger corporations, SeaWorld is focused on reinvesting in its community. Their funding interests focus on education and environmental programs that impact children in Florida.

They also accept ticket donation requests to assist eligible nonprofits and schools with their fundraising efforts. SeaWorld does not accept donation requests that:

  • Come from organizations outside the state of Florida
  • Are third-party requests
  • Come from for-profit organizations, labor or political organizations, and individuals
  • Are for employee/volunteer/student recognition events, scholarships, and field trips
  • Are from organizations supporting activities or practices that do not align with SeaWorld’s policies

Kids’ Toys

Kids’ toys can bring big business, but families can be picky about where they spend their money. The following companies have found ways to interest consumers and reinvest in their communities by donating to nonprofits.

18. LEGO

Screenshot of LEGO's website to show an example of a company that donates to nonprofits

Who doesn’t love LEGO? This company went from selling wooden toys to LEGO bricks that form imaginative worlds of corporations like Disney.

LEGO offers product donations to registered nonprofits that promote children’s play, learning, and creativity. They do not provide financial support or donations for events, summer camps, student projects, or libraries.

Organizations interested in LEGO donations can write to .

19. Kind Culture Co.

Kind Culture Co. sells cloth dolls and 10 Token Kindness Kits that encourage children to perform acts of kindness, spark creativity, and promote social development. It’s a smaller company relative to many others on this list, but its social impact focus is significant.

This company has found several ways to promote kindness. They recently started their first Education Grant program that gave $250 to four educators.

Enrollment for that program is closed, but their interest in creating and nurturing learning environments for children has encouraged them to reach out to nonprofits that benefit children’s education. Nonprofits that wish to learn more can email .

20. Crayola

Crayola crayons, pencils, and markers help children of all ages create art. Their mission to “help parents and educators raise creatively alive children” has encouraged them to support local nonprofits and schools.

Nonprofits located in Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania and Phillipsburg and Warren County in New Jersey can apply for financial grants and in-kind donations to fund programs in arts, education, health and welfare, and civic affairs.

501(c)(3) nonprofits can submit a product donation request throughout the year but should remember to request four to six weeks in advance. Organizations can also apply for the Crayola Community Grant application through the website; the award will range between $500 and $10,000.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, social responsibility has encouraged many companies to find creative ways to support their communities and donate to nonprofits. Environment, education, and veteran assistance are popular causes. Nonprofits in these areas have a host of funding sources to research!

However, grant funding and sponsorships aren’t the only ways to get funding. To make sure that your organization never runs out of the important funds to help the world, start fundraising with an effective online donation tool – like Donorbox!

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Disclaimer: By sharing this information, we do not intend to endorse specific companies or organizations, provide any financial advice, or address specific situations. The above list is curated to educate a broad segment of the public. Please consult with your legal or financial advisor to supplement and verify what you learn here.

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