How To Block Credit Card Fraud On Donorbox Campaigns

How To Block Credit Card Fraud On Donorbox Campaigns

block fraudulent test donationsCredit card fraud is a substantial issue with any online payment platform. Unfortunately, this means that stolen credit cards are occasionally being tested on all payment platforms. The good news is that Stripe has fraud detection technology called Radar, which blocks most fraudulent transactions. Stripe’s Radar scans every payment to detect fraud immediately. While this feature catches most credit card fraud, some fraudulent payments still get through.

To combat this, Donorbox has introduced a new Fraud Detection feature. This feature will bolster Stripe’s Radar technology and allows organizations to block more scammers who are testing stolen cards.

How To Enable This Feature

Step 1

You will find this feature in the “Account” tab of your Donorbox page.

Step 2

Once you are in “Account,” find and select “Fraud Detection.”

You can easily turn this feature on or off by selecting your preference and clicking on “Update block settings.”

block fraudulent test donations

How It Works

While in the Fraud Detection tab, you will be able to review suspicious donations, which appear after 3 failed credit card attempts have been made from one account. When you turn on the blocking setting, if a user has 6 failed payments occur within 3 hours, the user will be automatically blocked for 3 hours and the payments will not go through. This should deter those using Donorbox as a donation platform to test stolen cards.

block fraudulent test donations

When reviewing suspicious donations, it may be helpful to check the country that the payment was made from. For example, if you are not expecting a donation to be made from Malaysia, you can refund the payment and report fraud.

block fraudulent test donations

When to Turn Off Fraud Detection

In most situations, you will want to leave the Fraud Detection feature on. However, in some cases you may want to turn it off temporarily. For example, if you are having a fundraiser and using the same computer to collect donations with multiple credit cards, it is possible that some credit cards may be declined. So, you could switch off Fraud Detection during the fundraiser in order to avoid blocking valid payments.

Another possible scenario where you may want to briefly turn off automatic blocking would be if you are using your personal computer to collect donations on behalf of donors. This would mean that multiple credit cards would be used on the same computer, creating a possibility of multiple failed credit card attempts. To avoid this, simply switch off the feature while you are inputting donor payment information.

The Fight Continues

Credit card fraud will not be eliminated overnight, but this new feature, along with Stripe’s Radar will help stop and prevent the majority of fraud on Donorbox campaigns. Your organization will now have the power to review and refund suspicious payments so that you will not be accepting fraudulent payments. Donorbox is constantly working to make your fundraising experience better and more reliable. This feature is just another one of those steps!

Happy fundraising!


Wagisha J is the content overseer and writer at Donorbox. She is a marketer specializing in early to mid-stage startup growth. In her free time, she can be found writing, caring for animals, or indulging in fine arts. Say hello to her on Linkedin or Instagram.

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