New feature: Date Range Filter Shortcuts

Donorbox has added a new feature to allow organizations to quickly filter donations by date. You can customize the time range or choose from preset options such as 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, last month, year to date, and all.

You’ll find this new feature under the “Donations” tab of your Donorbox dashboard. Simply click on the time frame you wish to view and easily sort donations by your selected time range. 

When you select a date range, the donation total numbers on top will reflect the date range selected.

Donation Information Page

Tired of having to export your donations CSV file in order to access all the additional information associated with your donation? Good news! We added a new button that allows you to see all the data from your donations right from your dashboard. Simply go to your Donorbox dashboard and click the “Donations” tab to access your list of donations. Then, click the “Show” button at the top of the far right column.

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Donors Database & Donor Profiles

We recently added a new page to your Donorbox dashboard in order to make it easier for you to manage your donors! The “Donors” page groups all your donations into a comprehensive list of donor profiles that you can easily sort through based on a variety of factors, such as their name, the date of their last donation, or their donation count. You can also sort by total donation amount!

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Feature Update: Custom Questions for Offline Donations

For those of you who do a lot of in-person fundraising and want to add your offline donations to your Donorbox account, we have some great news! You may have noticed that Donorbox forms have the facility for donation designation and custom questions. Now these questions are available for donations that you receive outside of Donorbox. Here is how it works:

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Additional Questions Form Builder

Donorbox provides non-profit organizations with a fast, optimized donation payment system. It has a powerful form builder, allowing you to collect information from your donors such as their address, phone number, employment information, and anything else that you might need through custom questions. In fact, in the “Advanced Setup” section of your donation form editor, you are given the option of adding additional questions to your donation forms. To do so, simply check the “Ask additional questions” at the bottom of the advanced setup page.

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Dropdown Fields & Required Checkboxes Added to Form Builder

Dropdown Fields

We recently added two new features to our “additional questions” form builder. Firstly, you can now add dropdown answers to your custom questions, in addition to the checkboxes and textbooks you could previously add. To do this, go into the “Advanced Setup” tab of your donation form editor and select “Ask additional questions.”

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New Features: Refund Donations, Edit Donor Info, Resend Receipts

We have recently added some new features to make using Donorbox even more enjoyable!

Edit Donor Info, Refund, Resend Receipt

The first update you may have noticed is a new set of buttons located to the right of your donation summaries.

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MailChimp Integration

We partnered up with MailChimp, one of the world’s leading email marketing services, to integrate their emailing services within DonorBox. This manual was made to guide you through a simple integration process that will allow you to easily sync your donors with your mailing list, without the trouble of having to manually export all of your donor data!

Please note that the MailChimp integration costs $8 a month. We believe this is a great value for a tool that will save you a lot of time.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Integration w/ Donorbox Donation Form

A Quick Introduction:

DonorBox is a leading online donation platform with a fast, optimized checkout. It also focuses on recurring donations, flexible data collection, and ease of use. Sign up for free and create campaigns for all your fundraising needs, then track your donations as you go! You can also embed the donation form or button right onto your website to give your supporters easy access.

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