Accept Quarterly Recurring Donations with Donorbox

Accept Quarterly Recurring Donations with Donorbox

Over the past few months, Donorbox has been implementing some big changes in making the donation process as convenient as possible for both organizations and their donor’s. Along with our existing options of one-time and monthly, we recently launched weekly and annual recurring donations. Even so, our team often received requests for quarterly recurring donations. Well, you asked and we delivered!

Our team is happy to announce the quarterly recurring donation schedule. This makes it easier than ever for donors to contribute four times a year without having to make manual one-time donations every three months. And, just like the weekly, monthly, and yearly donation schedules, donors can quickly manage their quarterly donations by logging into their donor account. This means less hassle for your donors, and less hassle for your donors means potential contributors are even more likely to donate to your cause.

  • To enable the quarterly recurring schedule, simply log into your organization account.
  • Click ‘edit’ on your campaign form.
  • Then, go to the ‘advanced’ tab of your form editor, where you’ll see a list of all available recurring options.

  • It’s important to note that you can only check up to four recurring options. Select quarterly and three other donation schedules if you’d like.

Save your form and start accepting quarterly recurring donations. It’s that simple!

This new recurring donation schedule is just one click away and live right now, so go ahead and enable it to give it a try! We’re positive both your existing and potential donor’s will be just as excited for this new feature as we are, meaning you’re sure to secure even more donations than ever before.

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