Salesforce Nonprofit Integration w/ Donorbox Donation Form

A Quick Introduction:

DonorBox is a leading online donation platform with a fast, optimized checkout. It also focuses on recurring donations, flexible data collection, and ease of use. Sign up for free and create campaigns for all your fundraising needs, then track your donations as you go! You can also embed the donation form or button right onto your website to give your supporters easy access.

Donation Form 1                                                 Donation Form 2


We partnered up with Salesforce, the world’s # 1 CRM platform, to integrate their Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) with DonorBox. The NPSP, as its name suggests, is built specifically for non-profits, to allow you to easily analyze your donor data (names, addresses, relationships, donation frequency, etc.) and maintain positive relations with those who support you. More than 27,000 nonprofits and educational institutes are using Salesforce NPSP. To find our more about Salesforce NPSP please visit We recommend doing the quick Nonprofit Success Pack Workbook.


This manual was made to guide you through the simple integration process, so that you can automatically sync all your DonorBox donors with your Salesforce NPSP account, and become familiar with both platforms in no time! Take a look.

Create a DonorBox Account:


  1. Go to and click the “Sign Up For Free” button to create an account.

Sign Up

  1. We recommend you create your account using Stripe, our payment processor, but you can also create an account simply using your email address.


Sign Up 2


  1. Once you have created your account, you will be brought to your DonorBox dashboard.




  1. To create a campaign, click the “New Campaign” button on the Dashboard, enter the campaign name and details, and press “Create Form”.

New Campaign


  1. Your dashboard will be updated as donations are made to your campaigns, reflecting the total amount raised for each campaign and allowing you to see the names of your recent donors.




  1. You can also look at each donation made for a specific campaign by clicking on “Donors”. Keep reading to find out how to directly export your donation data to your Salesforce NPSP account!


Campaign Donors


Create a Salesforce NPSP Account:


  1. Go to and submit the form to sign up for the “Enterprise Edition Pre-Configured for Donor Management”.Salesforce Trial
  2. Check your email for a confirmation email from moc.e1503018504crofs1503018504elas@1503018504tropp1503018504us1503018504 and confirm your account by setting a new password.Verify Account
  3. Salesforce also created the Power of Us program for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutionsgiving away 10 free licenses as well as discounts on additional licenses, products and/or services from Salesforce. Be sure to apply for the program at



DonorBox Salesforce Integration:


  1. On your DonorBox account page ( click on “Salesforce Integration”.


Salesforce Integration


  1. Click on “Connect with Salesforce”. It should prompt you to login to your Salesforce account.


Connect Salesforce


  1. Click on “Export All Donations”.

Export Donations


  1. In a few minutes your donors and campaigns should appear under the “Accounts” tab on your Salesforce interface. It’s that easy!




Jones Household


  1. DonorBox will automatically export all your new donors to Salesforce every two hours. You don’t have to do a thing!



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    Excited about this integration. One question, does this only transfer and sync the account/contact objects and not the individual donations ad opportunities?

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