How To Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

How To Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

 Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

Airtable is a great tool to keep your organization in order. It is a fast and flexible way to create tables to keep track of anything, from your campaigns, to your donors and their donations. It integrates seamlessly with Donorbox using our custom Zapier solution. I encourage you to try Airtable. Having some familiarity with how Airtable collects and presents data will help you customize your dashboard once your tasks are flowing in.

Step 1

If you don’t already have a Donorbox account, sign up for a Donorbox organization account and log in. Go to your API & Zapier Integration page, under your Account settings. There, you can create an API key that will connect Donorbox and Zapier.

Step 2

After you get your API key, log in to Zapier to start configuring the integration. This Zapier integration will trigger Donorbox events (such as whether you have received a new donor or donation) to Airtable.

Make sure you have already signed up on Airtable and have created a table. Go to Zapier and click on the button ‘Make a Zap.’

Step 3

Choose Donorbox as your trigger app.

Step 4

Then, select a Donorbox trigger (new donor, new donation, or new campaign) and click continue.

Step 5

After you have selected the trigger, connect your Donorbox account to Zapier. In the popup authentication page, enter your username (your organization’s email) and your API key to allow Zapier to access your Donorbox account. Once you have successfully connected, you need to choose Airtable as your Action App.


Step 6

Once you have successfully connected with Airtable, you can choose an action to send any new Donorbox information as a record in your tables.

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Step 7

After choosing your action, you will need to connect your Airtable account to Zapier. Then, you will be ready to start posting your information onto a table.

You will need to choose your base and table, then you can map Donorbox information.

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Step 8

There’s a plus icon to the right of the text field that will allow you to add content using the data retrieved from Donorbox.


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Step 9

Once you have finished mapping all the information that you need, click Continue to carry on, then click Finish. Once that’s done, name your Zap and then enable it to make it go live. Now, every time you get a new donation or donor, you will automatically see it in Airtable.

Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

From here on, you will be able to manage your information as you please. Managing your organization does not need to be hard!

Ready to start with this integration? Sign into Zapier or check out the templates below.

Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

Integrate Airtable with Donorbox via Zapier

Raviraj heads the sales and marketing team at Donorbox. His growth-hacking abilities have helped Donorbox boost fundraising efforts for thousands of nonprofit organizations.

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