Embed Recurring Donation Forms on WordPress

To install recurring donation forms on your WordPress site, there is no better solution than Donorbox. Donorbox is a powerful donation platform that supports a variety of payment methods (cards, ACH, PayPal), and a form builder for all your data collection needs.


By embedding Donorbox’s optimized donation forms directly onto your site, you will greatly increase your donation conversion. This manual was created to guide you through the simple embedding process. 

  1. Go to your Donorbox dashboard (https://donorbox.org/dashboard) and find the campaign you wish to embed on your site. Click the “Embed Form” button.




  1. Copy and paste the embed code for your form.




  1. Go to your WordPress page editor of the page that you to insert your donation form.



  1. Make sure you are on the “text” editor (as opposed to the visual editor) and paste the donation form embed code in the area you desire.




  1. Publish your post and wait for the donations to come in!



Start Accepting Donations

Once the steps above are done, you are ready to accept donations. Here is an example of Halo Trust’s donation page using WordPress



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