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How it works

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Tell us about yourself! Set up a Donorbox affiliate account. You’ll be a trusted Donorbox partner.

Refer Your Clients

Share with your clients your unique referral link to sign up with Donorbox. We have a policy of 45-day cookies for referral links.

Earn Commission

You make money whenever your clients receive donations via Donorbox. Earn 15% commission of their Donorbox fees for the next 3 years.

Why become a Donorbox Partner?

The Donorbox Partner Program is designed to help you create donation forms for your clients, launch faster, and reach more donors.

Best payout

No program payout thresholds. You get 15% of your client’s Donorbox fees for the next 3 years.

Easy to set up

It takes just 15 mins to set up a Donorbox account and create your first donation form.

Loved by users

More than 35.000 organizations across 40 countries are happily using Donorbox.

Integrate with your apps

Use our powerful Zapier integration and get access to the Donorbox API to add even more features to your campaign.

Who partners with Donorbox?


How do my clients use my affiliate referral link?

Your clients simply need to sign up for a Donorbox account using your unique referral link (e.g. https://donorbox.org/?ref=joesoap ). When they click on your referral link, they will be taken to the Donorbox signup page and guided through our signup process.

We automatically detect when a customer has signed up with your link, and your account will be credited accordingly.

How and when will I receive my commissions?

Affiliate commission payouts are made in USD through PayPal. Please make sure to provide your PayPal email address in your affiliate dashboard on Tapfiliate. .

After you reach a minimum payout of $50, we’ll pay out your commission within 10 days of receiving your client’s monthly billed Donorbox fee.

Can a client be retroactively added to my affiliate account?

To keep our affiliate partner program fair and reliable, we do not support retroactive, manual affiliations. The only way to reliably track a referral is through your unique affiliate referral link. We cannot provide commissions for clients that did not use your referral link to sign up for Donorbox.

For more details, see our help article.

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Enormous impact for teams of all sizes

Partnering with Donorbox means spending less time maintaining payment systems, and more time focusing on your fundraising strategy and growing your nonprofits. Donorbox helps even small teams make an exceptional impact.