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Get Help For Your Pet Through Animal Fundraising

Perfect for Animal Rescue Fundraising

Saving animals is a rewarding but costly exercise. You need money to save our animal friends and we understand how stressful it can be. Donorbox can help you raise the funds you need. Our donation forms are easy to fill in. Donating takes only a few clicks.

Why Do Animal Rescues Love Donorbox?

Helping Awesome Organizations Like You

Animal Rescue Fundraising Is Easy With Donorbox:

We’ve developed Donorbox with animal rescue organizations in mind. We know the challenges you face. These are just some of the things we can do for you:

Set Up Funding for Rescue Operations and Rehab Programs

So many animals need your urgent help. Be prepared to take action at any time with easily accessible funds. Our payment processors, Stripe and PayPal, ensure all donations reach your bank account safe and sound. As a registered non-profit organisation, you immediately qualify for an even lower processing fee. Lower expenses lets you care for more animals in need.

Vaccination and Sterilization Drives

Help prevent the overpopulation of abandoned animals and keep them healthy with vaccination and sterilization drives. Making donations is easy with Donorbox, so you can expect more donations and raise more money. These drives help reduce the number of animals in need. And that is our main goal.

Fund Your Adoption and Fundraising Events

Use Donorbox to raise funds for hosting adoption events in the community. These fundraising events increase the adoption rate of animals. No one can resist a cute puppy face or a sweet little kitten. Donorbox will help make that happen. We gather contact information for you to build excitement with regular updates about your event. Use our social media features to build awareness and interact with the community so they can see the good work you do.

Cover Your Expenses

Most rescue organizations are not funded formally. If this is you, we can help raise the money you need to keep running your rescue organization. Our forms support company sponsorships and donation matching, to encourage giving to your operations. Use our Goal Meter to set a goal for anything from a new rescue vehicle to new veterinarian rooms. Keep everyone focussed on the goal using our progress bar of how much money you’ve raised.

Sponsor an Animal

Donors can now adopt an animal by covering their living costs. Donorbox makes it so easy to secure monthly donations to sponsor an animal’s care. It takes only one click to set the "Monthly" option on our donation forms. You can also enable Weekly, Quarterly, or Annual frequencies. These regular donations are collected automatically on your behalf and can be managed directly by the donor or you.

Pay Animal Medical Bills

Sadly, some animals need more than just a bowl of food. They might have suffered severe trauma or illness. They need urgent medical care. Use Donorbox donation forms to quickly raise that extra money. Keep all the donors informed with regular updates on how the animal is doing. Show your donors how they’ve actually saved a life.