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Church Fundraising

Perfect for Church Fundraisers

Whether you’re looking to fund a new church hall or send your missionaries to share God’s Love with the world, Donorbox is the perfect fundraising solution for you. We understand that your church has unique needs. That’s why Donorbox guarantees you a fast and secure donation platform so that you can focus on God’s Work.

Why do churches love Donorbox?

Helping Awesome Organisations Like You

Donorbox’s Features Will Raise More Money For Churches

We’ve developed Donorbox with churches like yours in mind. Organising and running church fundraisers can be hard work. Here’s how Donorbox can help you collect the donations you need:

Tithes and Offerings

Give your congregation an easy and convenient way to give their tithes and offerings. Donations can be once-off or donors can set them to repeat each month on whatever day they choose. It just takes 1 click. A Donorbox Donor account is created instantly so donors can self-manage their recurring donations.

Feeding Schemes

Donorbox will help your church feeding scheme reach many hungry souls. Our forms are easy to complete, taking only a couple minutes. Perhaps you need extra volunteers or would like to collect contact info to keep donors updated. With Donorbox forms, you can add custom questions to ask for extra hands or give feedback to donors.

Missions Trips

Missions trips can be quite costly. Donorbox can help cover these expenses. Our donation forms support Corporate Sponsorships and donation matching. You can get companies to sponsor people or specific elements of the trip. Or set a challenge to have them match each other in donations. The nations are waiting for you to come share God’s Love with them.

Church Conferences and Events

Use Donorbox’s social media integrations to raise awareness about your church conference or seminar. Share your event across the biggest online platforms - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use our Donor Wall to build anticipation by displaying social media comments alongside your donation form. We have some great ideas here for church fundraisers. This will definitely make an impact on attendance and increase support.

Building and Facilities Fund

Donorbox lets you include our Goal Meter in your donation forms. Use it to track progress towards those long-awaited church hall renovations or adding the Mother’s Room that the church desperately needs. Keep everyone focussed on the goal. And this will also encourage added support when donors see how close they are to hitting the target.

Outreach Programmes

Make it as simple as possible for people to donate. Donorbox will auto-generate embedding code for you. Simply copy and paste this code to embed our forms into your existing website. We also provide copy-and-paste code that create Donation Buttons for all your email communication. No programming required.