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University Fundraising Forms

Perfect for school fundraising & college fundraising.

Educating students can be an expensive exercise. Fundraising is necessary and we understand that it can be a stressful endeavour. Donorbox is a powerful tool that can help you secure the funds you need. We have built our donation forms to be comprehensive, intelligent and practical.

Why Do Universities Love Donorbox?

Helping Awesome Organizations Like You

University Fundraising Powered By Donorbox:

Donorbox has been developed with educational institutions in mind. We understand the unique challenges you face. So, here is what we can do for you:

Set Up Scholarship Funding

Scholarships make a life-changing difference to students who want to study but don’t have the resources. Easily set up scholarship campaigns for disadvantaged and deserving students. The donation amount options can be allocated to certain items so potential donors know exactly what their money will cover.

Alumni Fundraising

Your school alumni are your school’s track record. The result of years spent in academic relationship. Your badges of honour. Make it easier for them to contribute to their alma mater. Use Donorbox to maintain your relationships with alumni. Our social media features can even reconnect old classmates with our comment wall. Create an epic throwback experience for past students via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cover your Daily Costs

Certain non-profit universities don’t turn students away if they cannot afford tuition fees. These institutions rely on donations to cover their operational costs. If this is you, we can help you raise that money. Our forms make it incredibly easy for your supporters to donate, which means more donations for you.

Monthly Donations

Securing monthly donations is very simple. All it takes is one click to select the "Monthly" option on our donation forms. We’ve made this process as simple as possible. These recurring donations are collected automatically on your behalf. You can also allow donors to give on a weekly, quarterly, or annual basis. Regular donations are crucial to funding an organization long-term.

Fund your Facility Renovations and Development

Whether you need renovations or a brand-new building, our donation forms make it easier to raise the funds for it. You can set a goal amount for the projected costs with our Campaign Goal Meter. It shows a progress bar of how much money you’ve raised. Once you’ve reach your goal, you can share the great news with everyone who helped make it possible.

Fund your Educational Trips

If there is an event that your class or group would benefit from attending, we will help you get there. Our forms support special corporate sponsorships, to encourage companies to contribute to your education. Donorbox will help you get the funds you need to finally go on that mission trip or that science expo you’ve always wanted to attend.