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Ukraine Relief Fundraiser
Video Story: Team shares a short story after 2 weeks in Ukraine

Because of your giving, the team was able to bring much needed aid and supplies to those directly on the frontline in Ukraine.

Thank You, for your continued partnership and generosity. 

You have given more than €87,000 to help Ukrainians impacted by the war! Amazing! The project is getting closer to reaching its funding goal of €105,000.  Lets continue to help, serve, and meet the needs of those impacted by the war.

Thank you for making an impact in Ukraine


“We were in the region of Mykolaiv. Going down to south to the villages. We were 15 km from the front line. At the point you can hear and see the artillery and the shelling all around. Including the smell. People live in the middle of an active war zone. 

For what the people and soldiers told us, no humanitarian aid has come as close as we did… because it's too dangerous, but we are glad we were able to help them. We found believers in this village and they told us the story how they started a church in that place. 

People were very grateful with tears in their eyes and in a lot of emotional, relational and practical need, food, medicine and hygiene products including diapers for the elders.

We prayed with them and for them.

Specially we prayed for a woman wearing a neck brace and after our prayers she got healed. She was able to move her neck again. 

We prayed individually for them and we took time to hear their stories. They really want to talk about it! 

We also were able to encountered the soldier in their trenches, we gave them food and medical supplies. Including a combat medical field backpack for a medic. The feeling of their gratefulness knowing that we are foreigners and we came to help them, pray for them, and give them encouragement was very touching

We came back with our van completely empty! Thank you for your donations. We are not just able to feed people but the save lives and being them back to Jesus too “


Because of YOU, the response to help Ukrainians continues

THANK YOU for your continued support and partnership! We just posted the latest update, Check it out HERE

We are going to Ukraine!

This sunday we are sending a van with aid as well as a team of 6 to Ukraine, Ternopil!
We are so looking forward to have a team from YWAM Nuremberg go support the local team in Ukraine.

The goal is to bless and relieve the team that has served consistently since the war started.
The team will bring along much needed supplies that are hard to get in Ukraine.

How you can help with this upcoming trip:


  • safety
  • ability to help in all the ways needed
  • our team to bless the local team in very specific and tangible ways
  • ability to bring Gods hope to the nation
  • 2. Thess 1, 11+12


  • To fill the van with the specific supplies requested 1800 € are needed
What was Phase 1 of Ukraine Relief all about?

Thousands of people are coming from Ukraine into Germany and are in need of food, housing, clothing, and the basic necessities of life. As I am writing this, there are people walking into the YWAM center asking if we have a coats in their size.

For at least the next 12 weeks, we have hit the pause button on our programs here in Nuremberg to make all of our facilities and resources available to those in need. We already have all of our beds filled up and the kitchen crew has jumped into action to make sure every one is fed! We have roughly 40 refugees living in the YWAM center.

We are spreading the word around the city that there is a need for volunteers to help, but also need finances to cover the costs of hosting people for the next 3 months.

The financial cost for each person is €502 per month/ €1,506 for 3 months.

To accommodate 40 people for 3 months, we need to raise a total of €37,704.

Not only are we planning to accommodate people coming to Nuremberg, we are transforming the YWAM facilitates into a local distribution center for aid. Many Ukrainians are arriving with only the clothes on their backs. The YWAM center will become a place to offer and run programs and activities (kids programs, stuff for moms) for Ukrainians here in the city as well as a place to continue collecting supplies that will be sent directly to Ukraine. We have 10,000 Euros worth of medicine ordered that we will soon pick up and deliver to clinics in Ukraine.

For the next 3 months, we need €27,592

For everything that we we need to do in the next 3 months, from accommodating people to purchasing and delivering the shipment of medicine, we need €78,000.

It is incredible to see how so many people around the world are jumping in to help and support those impacted by the war in Ukraine, but there is still so much more help, finances, and aid needed. Our heart is to mobilize as many people, businesses, schools, churches, families to help as possible… so that we can help as many people as possible.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Ways to get involved & Help those impacted by the War

How is YWAM Nuremberg helping?

  1. We are delivering Aid directly to Ukraine
  2. We are accommodating refugees in the YWAM center in Nuremberg
  3. We are running a welcome center to help refugees in the city.

Give Financially

  • Give Online directly from this page
  • For Tax deductible ways to give from USA or Canada, Click Here
  • Our Bank Information:

Youth with a Mission Nuremberg e.V.

IBAN: DE72 7605 0101 0012 8422 17


Memo; Ukraine-Hilfe

Join the fundraising effort

  • Help us fundraise for the needed finances. We started a ‘peer to peer’ crowd fundraising site! What’s that mean??? Choose a goal amount that you want to help fundraise for and launch your own mini-fundraising campaign. You can customize not only the goal amount and what part of the project you want to fundraise for, but also can customize your own landing page, and thank you emails!
  • If you don’t want to start a mini-campaign, you can give and help get the word out to your church, co-workers, neighbors, or random people on the street that there is a great way for them to help those impacted by the war.

Donate Items


Though it is impossible to know what might happen tomorrow, my heart is to do everything I can to serve, to give, and to reflect God’s love to as many people as possible in the midst of this painful moment in history.

Feel free to get in touch, with any questions, ideas, or thoughts as to how we can together serve those being impacted by the war.

WOW! You have helped fully fund the Relief project!!! THANK YOU

Yesterday you helped the Ukraine Relief project hit the 'fully funded' mark! AMAZING! 

THANK YOU for making a difference in peoples lives! 

If you are in the Nuremberg area, Come to the 'THANK YOU' party on the 20th of May. 

How can we say 'Thank You'???? A PARTY!!!!

For anyone in the Nuernberg region... we want to take some time to properly 'Thank You' for making such a huge impact through your generosity. You have given financially, donated clothing, given your time. We want to honor you!

For more info & to RSVP click HERE

Another Delivery of aid was delivered! (Our 11th delivery of supplies!)

Thank You! Your prayers and generosity continue to make an impact on those in need in Ukraine. THANK YOU! Thank You Joel, Leticia, & Patchi for driving and delivering the supplies!

"Thank You" Vintage City Church!

Thank You Vintage City church for your incredible generosity in supporting the Ukraine relief project here in Nuremberg!

Thank You Destiny Church!

Thank You Destiny Church for coming together to raise finances to fill another vehicle full of aid! Your church also spent a few long days driving to deliver a vehicle load full of aid! Thank You!

Another delivery made!

We are still hard at work making sure much needed aid & supplies make it to Ukraine. Because of YOUR financial giving, this van was filled with aid and delivered to Ukraine!

THANK YOU! Van # 8 was filled & sent to Ukraine!

Thank You for giving and helping more aid and supplies to be sent to those impacted by the war in Ukraine.  Your financial giving is making a difference in peoples lives on the ground in Ukraine. 

What does it mean to accommodate 40 refugees here in Nuremberg?

In this video I interview Caleb, who is leading the YWAM Nuremberg team responsible for accommodating 40 Ukrainian refugees here in the YWAM center. Thank You for your support, partnership, & prayers!

We filled a 7th van full of supplies and sent it to Ukraine!

After a long drive, more aid and supplies have been delivered! Van #7! Thank you for your donations and financial giving.

April 8 Project Update

Here is our April 8th project Update

For the German version click HERE

April 1 Project Update

6 Loads of much needed relief has been sent. 40+ people have been provided a home here in Nuremberg and many more have received direct help from the YWAM welcome center! 

Read the latest update from the YWAM Nuremberg blog HERE

(Update Auf Deutsch hier)

Edited 28/03/2022
March 28 Projekt Update

Thank You for your financial giving, prayers & support. Here is the latest update from our project to help those effected by the war in Ukraine.

Edited 22/03/2022
March 22 Project Video Update.

Thank You for your giving & generosity! Here is a short video update sharing about what is happening here in Nuremberg.

You can also help us to achieve our goals!

I want to fundraise for this