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You want to change the world. Holding a political office can help you make that difference. But, getting elected is the first step. An election campaign is expensive. But, Donorbox can help you achieve your political goals. Our donation platform makes fundraising so simple. We’ve made it easier to gather support for your stance.

Why Do Candidates Love Donorbox?

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Donorbox Features Will Raise More Money From Your Political Donors:

We’ve developed Donorbox with political fundraisers in mind. We know raising money for your activities is hard work. Here’s how Donorbox can help you:

Turn an Audience into Supporters and Donors

You can share your Donorbox donation forms alongside your campaign messages. Our forms can be accessed via any online message. You can use a dedicated hyperlink to your donation form. Copy and paste our automatically generated code to embed our forms right into your website or make it a popup form. You can insert Donorbox buttons into emails for easy redirection to a donation page.

Donation Transparency

Donorbox uses Stripe and PayPal as its payment processors. They are highly trusted financial platforms with an impeccable reputation. All records of donations are held securely by Donorbox, Stripe and Paypal. They are readily available if they are ever needed for campaign auditing.

Legal Requirements and Disclaimers

Donorbox forms support campaign contribution law. They enforce the collection of legally required info. You also have the option of requesting custom info. Use Donorbox to set donation limits to ensure compliance with campaign jurisdiction. You can list your custom disclaimers alongside all Donorbox forms. Donorbox helps you obey campaign law so you can focus more on campaigning.

Long-Term Funding

Campaigns can run for a long time. Donorbox can help you secure more regular donations. Recurring donations are enabled by a single click. This means a steadier flow of funds and increased support. You and your donors are able to self-manage recurring donations whenever you want.

Share Your Campaign

Take your campaign out onto the information superhighway. Use Donorbox to share your campaign via our social media integrations. Reach out to more people via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This is sure to raise more donations and to spread the word about your campaign. Your message is important. And Donorbox will help you share it with the world.

Meer dan 35.000 organisaties uit 40 landen gebruiken onze Donorbox software fondsenwerving.