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Help Us Print 350,000 Copies Of DRUTHERS (Canada)
Druthers Update Re: August Issue + Awesome Video

Hello all our freedom loving friends!

250,000 copies of the July issue were freely distributed all across Canada!

2 quick updates for you...

First, a big thank you to everyone who has been pouring so much of themselves into this project with us. From people stepping up to be distribution hubs in their cities, to others helping stuff these papers into mailboxes all across the country, to those who are donating, promoting, writing & more. You are all awesome!!

So far in 8 months since this paper began we have printed and freely distributed nearly 1.7 million newspapers all across Canada. That is absolutely mind blowing and it certainly would not have happened without all your love and support.

Our biggest month was May when we printed 500,000 copies!

The last 2 months were smaller as the fundraising page slowed down, but we still printed 250,000 copies each of June & July. Now here we are fundraising for the August issue and as it stands now (just under $20k) we will only be printing 200,000 copies unless $5k more in donations come in over the next few days.

We really hope to not drop any lower than 250,000 copies as we have more than enough people all over the country eager to pass out papers, but we can only print as many as donations allow, and at 10 cents a paper, your donations go far toward waking up more Canadians!

So please come visit this fundraiser page and help us raise the last $5k needed to print 250k copies of the August issue.

Big thanks and lots of love.

Shawn Jason


EPIC VIDEO: A friend of Druthers named Pierce of The People's Media was at the right place at the right time to happen across Toronto's mayor John Tory having dinner on a patio in Toronto. It is really quite epic they way he gave Tory and earful and we thought you might enjoy it too. And if you do love it, please spread this video around. Subscribe for more videos at 

Edited 18/02/2021
Making waves...

All you beautiful people! Thank you for seeing bigger and pouring so much of yourselves into helping Druthers reach more Canadians.

Druthers is Canada's fastest growing newspaper, because mainstream media, sucks!


In just 3 months we have rallied a few hundred eager volunteer distributors across the country, we printed and freely distributed 175,000 copies of Druthers across Canada in 5 provinces so far, and we raised nearly $20,000 to accomplish this with.

And all this is from concerned Canadians who see the value, urgency & importance of putting real, honest news and information into the hands of more Canadians.

3rd month, success!!


This month, the forth month, we're doubling the print run again. That's 200,000 papers to be freely given away all over the country in March.

The cost for printing and distribution is just 10 cents each. A dime. That's all it costs to put solid information into someone's hands, and hopefully mind.

The cost on a bundle is $10. Each bundle has 100 papers. (papers have 12 pages)

Do you see the power of the people? 100 papers printed AND distributed across the country for just $10!! That's truly incredible.

20,000 Druthers landed in BC!


Please help us buy more bundles!!

Donate if you can (big thanks to all who have) or subscribe to get copies delivered to your door each month.

Share, talk, promote and just own this thing!! Druthers is yours too.


That's all. Email me if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or anything else helpful at [email protected]

Thank you. I love you. Keep on passing it on!

Shawn Jason 

If you don't already know me and would like more of a look into my world, I invite you to visit my facebook wall @

You'll find an 11 year history of caring for humanity. It actually goes back 16 years but my facebook is only 11 years old.

Congrats everyone!! We did it :) 100,000 Copies of Druthers will be printed!

Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa & Toronto

Druthers is printing its 3rd issue (February) and this time we are going Canada-wide with 100,000 copies! All of them will be freely distributed by 150+ volunteers across the country.

Seriously, thank you everyone. I knew a paper like this would be well received, but you all are blowing my mind with all the love, support & encouragement you have shown for this project.

Nothing matters more right now, as I see it, than getting real, honest news and information into the hands (and hopefully minds) of more Canadians. Information / knowledge is power, and we must empower more of our fellow Canadians before it is too late.

There are 4 main ways to help:

1. Donations (Any totals above this month's goal will be carried over into next month's campaign)
2. Write (Are you able to present information in a powerful way? Consider writing a piece for next month)
3. Distribute (If you are in any of the cities listed above and would like to help, let me know)
4. Promote (Spread the word everywhere you can to raise more awareness about this paper)

Also wanted: a few people who can edit videos for druthers, update the druthers wordpress site and/or help with druthers social media sites platforms. Please message me at: [email protected] 

Follow Druthers and share the posts:


I love you all!!! One way or another, humanity WILL win this!! Stay strong.

Shawn Jason