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Fundacja Tech To The Rescue registered at Warsaw, Biała 4, entered into the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations, and Independent Public Health Care Facilities kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000937683. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution
#TechForUkraine - help Ukraine with digital solutions
Edited 04/01/2022
Tech To The Rescue receives support from with a $500k grant and a team of Google

🙌, Google’s philanthropic arm, supports Tech To The Rescue in the form of $500k in grant funding and a Fellowship. 

The grant marks a half way in our fundraising efforts. It will allow us to strengthen the team behind the #TechForUkraine campaign for another year without impacting other activities.

With this grant, we’ll be able to hire Business Analysts, Account Managers, and Community specialists speaking Romanian, Moldovan, Slovakian and Ukrainian. This will significantly speed up the matching process and ease access for regional NGOs to get professional and free tech help.

Also, the team of Fellows will support Tech To The Rescue on a full-time, pro-bono basis for six months and work hand-in-hand to build impactful tech products for Ukraine. 

But we’re not stopping there!

There are more challenges ahead of us. We need even more funds to develop a scalable humanitarian response model so we can quickly mobilize in the case of future crises. Effective response to humanitarian crises requires the coordination of many agencies and sectors. In the last weeks, we have witnessed massive chaos that can be easily avoided by using the tools of technology to help people. 

And this is what we plan to do.

We're thankful for every donation and we count on you – the most amazing tech community we could imagine. 

More information here:

Forbes' article about Google's support (in 🇵🇱):


The Cobin Angels Gala

Yesterday, on the March 15th, we had a pleasure to take part in the Business Angel of the Year Gala, organized in Warsaw, Poland, by Cobin Angels. 

Our managing director, Jacek Siadkowski, gave a great speech about the importance of help we provide and the necessity to scale it up.

The recent influx of refugees into Poland taught us several important lessons that we should nor forget:

1️⃣ NGOs and charities have experience in crisis management and they are the ones we should trust in terms of what is needed.

2️⃣ No NGO was technologically prepared for such intensive activities. The lack of tech tools is visible and this is why our mission as Tech To The Rescue is so important.

3️⃣ It is not a question of days or months, but years – as Tech To The Rescue, we want to build a technological humanitarian aid model that could be used if another crisis happens. We want to provide NGOs in reliable technology that will help them act much more efficiently in the future.

During the Gala, we also raised funds for #TechForUkraine and we want to thank all donors 🙌. 

Your participation is more important than ever – with lessons we've learned we are now able to provide systematic help to NGOs so they could do what they do best. Investing in Tech To The Rescue now means shaping up a better future. 

Thank you!

Tech To The Rescue Team