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Fundacja Tech To The Rescue registered at Warsaw, Biała 4, entered into the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations, and Independent Public Health Care Facilities kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000937683. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution
#TechForUkraine - help Ukraine with digital solutions

We are Tech To The Rescue – a foundation that matches tech companies with non-profit organizations to develop pro bono digital solutions. Thanks to us, NGOs get professional IT help for free.

We are a non-profit organization ourselves, and the goal of this fundraising campaign is to secure the necessary funds to help us act faster and more effectively.

Support us! 

Russian aggression against Ukraine is leading to an inevitable to a humanitarian crisis. Ukrainian and international non-governmental organizations play a key role in protecting civilians and distributing and coordinating humanitarian aid. Charities are currently closest to the people in need, their help is vital and urgently needed. However, they often lack the modern technology  which is widely used by commercial companies and businesses .

That's why a few days ago we launched the #TechForUkraine campaign, which aims to help non-governmental organizations with their digital needs so they can maximize their impact in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Our #TechForUkraine campaign has been featured in numerous media publications covering the conflict, e.g.

- Sifted (

- TechRound (

- LinkedIn News (our CEO has been selected as one of the 11 Top Global Voices on the Ukraine War) (


Within days, we engaged over 450 tech companies willing to support Ukrainian and international non-profits. The response from the tech community was immense – both in Poland and abroad. We have already matched multiple NGOs with suitable tech companies to build the first projects that are now so urgently needed:

✅ – a platform that collects verified offers of helping Ukrainian refugees.

✅ – the only map in Ukrainian language that informs people about the location of humanitarian and medical aid.

✅ a chatbot supporting refugees in finding the right place to get help

✅ a system for coordinating humanitarian efforts of NGOs.

✅ a safe tech corridor to send proofs of war crimes in Ukraine.

✅ an app that enables requesting immediate help from rescue teams.

✅ a system forwarding medical supplies from Great Britain to Poland. 

Companies that have already joined our community and agreed to provide technology solutions for NGOs pro bono: AWS, Google, Twilio, Netguru, Livechat, Callstack, 10clouds, Salesforce.

Currently we are working on more than 45 (!) projects, but to bring them to a successful end we need your support. We want to become a regional hub for non-profit organizations and make sure that every NGO in the region helping Ukraine  knows that we are the right place to go for technological assistance. Our work – thanks to the support of donors and tech companies – can have a positive impact on several hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees and help them rebuild their lives after the war ends.

Our goals include:

✅Maximizing the effectiveness of humanitarian efforts.

✅Increasing the safety of refugees.

✅Increasing cybersecurity and resilience of NGO infrastructure against cyberattacks.

✅ Equipping NGOs with modern technical infrastructure.

We are overwhelmed by the response to the #TechForUkraine campaign and we’ve been working 24/7 to process all applications. Therefore, we appeal to the international IT community, startups, investors and angels to support us. To meet the challenge, we need to grow our team and hire new people. We have been working with wonderful volunteers, but we also need full-time employees who can dedicate 100% of their time to us and to whom we can pay a decent salary.

The fundraising goals:


Goal: Hiring a team that can sustain the #TechForUkraine campaign for a year without impacting other activities.

Funds will be used for: 

● Hiring analysts who will help NGOs define their technology needs. They will match NGOs with technology companies to ensure rapid implementation of digital solutions which the non-profits lack the time and skills to do this themselves.

● Hiring a team to work on tech company acquisition to ensure there are enough technical resources to meet all needs.

 We estimate that with the additional funding we will be able to launch about 100 digital projects for non-profits in the region in the next 3 months. They will help us support refugees on a large scale and effectively use the resources we have.

Currently, the TTTR team communicates only in English with local NGOs in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Slovakia, this language barrier currently limits the ability to reach everyone.

Our goal is to hire local representatives from TTTR, which will make access easier for non-profits. We will also be able to translate the resources and materials we have for service delivery into local languages.

Broadening our languages of communication will allow us to help twice as many organizations as we can now.

Effective response to humanitarian crises requires the coordination of many agencies and sectors. In the last two weeks, we have witnessed massive chaos that can be easily avoided by using the tools of technology to help people.

Thanks to TTTR's reach in Poland and neighboring countries, we are able to coordinate humanitarian aid and implement a model that will improve all activities and alleviate the suffering of millions of people in case of another crisis.

As Tech To The Rescue, we want to make pro bono a standard in the IT industry. We want all NGOs to have full access to modern technology. Our goal is to launch 3,000 Tech For Good projects.

Our funds currently come from contributions from 17 founding partners. The endowment will help us finance our activities through the interest of the accumulated funds and increase the stability of the organization.

Tech To The Rescue is an experienced team of entrepreneurs and social workers. We are from the CEE and know their needs very well.

17 founding partners from fast developing tech companies in Europe have trusted us. They continue to support us in all initiatives.


With two years of experience and a very talented team, Tech To The Rescue is a unique organization that can have a global impact on facilitating social and humanitarian activities thanks to technology. However, we need support to continue our mission, as we never expected such a great response to our campaign.

 We ask you – help us act and do great things! We have managed to unite the entire tech community to help other non-profits follow the path of digital transformation. In today's world, digitalization is a must, and many foundations and charities still cannot afford secure communication systems, reliable cybersecurity measures, or secure payments. They need our help to keep working – and we need you to continue our mission.

Donation options

A company that donates $50 000 will be featured as the campaign Mission Partner, $100 000 – our Impact Partner, and $500 000 – Systematic Change Partner. 

If you wish to transfer your donation directly to our bank account, here are the details:

Bank account in PLN: PL81 1140 2004 0000 3802 8201 0590

Bank account in EUR: PL42 1140 2004 0000 3012 1434 8330


Thank you for your support!

picture on the cover: Mirek Pruchnicki CC BY SA