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    25,18 €
    Ievgeniia Nakonechna

    I made a small donation. Just want to thank you for your effort doing Lazy Sundays with us and making our lifes better 💜💜💜

    70 €
    Roman Zhulenko

    Thank you Robert for such an unforgettable experience. I feel much more relieved after my cleaning and I found out exactly how I do have to work on myself and in which direction. For all who are not sure to try it or not : you should be able to explain your problems / fears to Robert, that he could find a special ‘key’ for everyone. And be able to relax as much as you can. For sure would love to repeat it once again but in real. 😉

    Brandon Peele

    I had a very powerful experience. I got clarity on behaviors I need to release (ice cream sandwiches + reading the paper in the morning), as well as confirmation that I'm on the right path. I highly recommend this work!

    Cecilia Marion

    Robito is amazing. As a person, he is very friendly, very kind, and eager to help others. I am really very happy about the hypnosis experience, it has really helped me, today I feel much more calm and happy. Without a doubt I recommend that everyone do it since you will be in the best hands. Thanks for everything.

    156,02 €
    Anika Schmelter

    I wanna to say THANK YOU Robito! The way, how you did the hypnosis with me, supported my process of “let go”, my journey into the past, To find my origins, my intention, my creativity, happiness ... and my stomach ache is gone. 🙏🏻 Yeah! I get a deep understanding on an emotional level for things that have happened in my life and of my feelings were created from them. I was able to let go of a lot with Robito's help. Now I see more clearly the past with compassion for others. I wish you all the best and that many people will find themselves, their passions, inner peace and love with your help!

    156,02 €
    Margherita Piccioni

    I met robito during a trip in Porto. It was a time in which many fears had come back in my life. It was impossible for me to think of any other things than the fears that I had. We had the first session and, as soon as I finished, I felt light as I hadn't felt for a long time. And I felt the same feeling of serenity for longs weeks later. After some times we had one other session, online. During that one, I arrived to take contact of my shadow part. I take consciousness of that and I was able to use it as a power in my life, with my child and light part! An experience that I really recommend. Thanks so much Robito!

    35,57 €
    Anita Zarifi-Afshar

    Rob was really amazing! It was so easy to just let in to the process because of his presence, I felt trusting and relaxed. Honestly it did exceed my expectations and solely the process of going into hypnosis and how well it went was great! I felt really light and happy after that. Also, I must say that it felt really great to feel that Rob is doing it out of passion and really was there with me without looking at the time, and I felt very welcome and safe. I can warmly recommend Robs services to anyone!

    46,99 €

    Robito is amazing and I feel amazing now! I had two hypnosis sessions from Robito. The first one, I thought it would be an easy emotional cleaning, but it was tough for me. It took me days to get things to land. I was exhausted and slept badly. Robito suggested doing another session to clear up some extra emotional 'mess'. Even after that session I was exhausted for a few days. And then the light came, the lightness. And now I feel great, relieved. As if I am finally in the middle of the line from past to future. At the point of the NOW. I used to dwell a few steps in the past. The step forward now feels much lighter than before. Robito cleared all for me. I think it will work out even better the next weeks. Thank you Robito, keep up this good job. You are great!

    40 €

    I have known Robito since many years and when he contacted me a few days ago it felt like it was the universe reaching out to me through him during a time where I was in desperate need of change. Since I already knew Robito and knew I trusted him and felt safe with him, I took this opportunity and jumped right into it. I already had a little (although really not much) experience with meditation but having a very very restless mind I was a bit doubtful whether I could do it, whether I could let it happen. Robito made me feel so comfortable and I was surprised how easy it was to slip into hypnosis with his guidance. With his help I went on a journey to my subconscious mind and was able to declutter it quite a bit. After removing all these layers of dust and dirt (emotional baggage) that had accumulated over time, I felt so liberated and more confident about tackling the challenges that lie ahead of me! I'm so fascinated about what levels of consciousness can be achieved. I know I still have a lot of inner work to do but I'm in a much better place now - emotionally and spiritually - and feel much closer to myself. Thank you so so much for taking me on this journey!

    46,99 €
    Bita Afshar

    I decided to try hypnotherapy with Robito. It was my first time and I was excited to do it. When it started it was a little familiar to me because I do a lot of meditation. I had for 4 weeks vomiting, headache and dizziness and the doctors not know why so I wanted to try hypnosis to let it go. It was amazing because I saw I am in a cemetery and I push crushed bones into the tomb grave quickly. Then I saw red, but my red took me to the sky and just saw the light and feeling energy and I saw one young girl who did wear old traditional dress, but beautiful. Now I do not have headache, vomiting or dizziness any more.

    24,14 €
    Shadea ABU El gyab

    Hey, so I found Robito throw a friend "Fabian" who did the hypnosis with him as well. You can also find his experience on Robitos YouTube Channel. I really felt how much it helped him. So I decided to get in contact with Robito. Everything was uncomplicated and easy. Robito is a very open, calm and interesting Person to talk to. The hypnosis: I was there for 90 minuts. I was very nervous, tue fear of letting go and the fear of not being good at being hypnotized. But Robito was so calm that I could relax easily. In the 90 minuts we did three different forms of hypnosis. It was about communicating with the subconcious. I went into the Session with an intention. So when we did one hypnosis excercise I was asked some questions, to which I thought I know the answer. But I went out with anders that make so much sense but I did not thought about before. Afterwards I was tired and slept a lot, good intense sleep. Today I feel amazing. I am very thankful for the oppurtunity Robito Provided for me. And looking forward to see him again and for the experience my friends will have. :)

    Ievgeniia Nakonechna

    It was an amazing journey, Robert! Trying hypnosis was one of the best decisions i have ever done. Once trying it one will never regret. Things start changing immediately in least expected way. Thank you for everything!

    Karen Feenstra

    Success Robito! Good job 👍🏻