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Donate & help more people heal with scientific-shamanic hypnosis. ⚡

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    Scientific-shamanic hypnotherapy

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    Hello! ツ

    My name is Robert (robito) Chatwin. 

    I'm an online travelling hypnotherapist.

    I offer on donation hypnotherapy to anyone ready to experience the amazing healing power of your own subconscious.

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    What is hypnosis and how does it work?

    1. What is Hypnosis? ⚡

    Hypnosis is a completely natural state that we experience every day. Every time that we are focused on TV, our phone or computer screen and do not hear people talking to us or notice the passing of time, we are in a hypnotic state.

    Hypnosis is simply a deep state of focus that puts the person into a trance-like relaxed state. You can experience this relaxed trance state during deep meditation, or when deeply focused on any task, 'in the zone' doing a sport or reading for example.

    We go into hypnosis every day.

    EEG readings show that the human brain operates at different frequency levels, each associated with a different brain state. Theta and delta brain frequencies define a brain state known as the hypnagogic trance.

    In this hypnogogia, we tap directly into our subconscious (unconscious) at a very deep level. This is why during deep meditation, for example, we can have profound insights: seeing images, thoughts, emotions or feelings we're carrying within us deep inside.

    Focus connects to our subconscious.

    Our subconscious is actually our own powerful hard drive, in charge of our emotions, memories, imagination, and even our physical bodies (our autonomic nervous system). 

    This is why our negative memories, beliefs, emotions and physical ailments are all connected.


    2. What is a Hypnotherapist? ⚡

    In this trance-like state of consciousness, we have a heightened responsiveness to suggestion. A hypnotist uses this state to help another person communicate with their subconscious mind and make changes to their perceptions and behaviour.

    In stage hypnosis, this could be to make a person temporarily forget their name or think they are a chicken for a while; in the same way consumer psychology uses advertising to tap into this suggestive state to get us to buy a product we would otherwise not buy.

    A hypnotherapist also helps people enter this suggestive state, but a hypnotherapist does this so that the other person can make positive changes in their lives that heal the person in a profound way - deep within.

    We clear out what doesn't serve us.

    A hypnotherapist, also known as a clinical hypnotist, is trained to help people heal their issues, like anxiety, anger, stress, depression, abuse, trauma, addiction, pain, PTSD, phobias, confidence, motivation and clarity issues, or simply to help people feel amazing.

    3. Can anyone be hypnotised? ⚡

    Anyone can be hypnotised because anyone can go into a deep state of focus; however, some find it more difficult to relax and allow themselves to trust, follow and just let go.

    A hypnotist does not have magic powers. You do. A hypnotist is a guide who simply helps the person enter a trance-like relaxed state, but you actually hypnotise yourself. You just need to allow yourself to follow the instructions, not be distracted, and not resist.

    You hypnotise yourself.

    You have complete control. If you do not want to be hypnotised, you won't be. If you resist, it will not work. If you are analysing instructions rather than following them, it makes the process more difficult. If you don't like it, you can 'come back' at any time.

    Hypnosis is a form of placebo effect. If you are open to the experience, willing to be hypnotised, and prepared to trust, follow and give it a go, you will experience the profound benefits of being in hypnosis.

    4. Is Hypnosis safe? ⚡

    Some people are concerned about being hypnotised, but hypnosis is perfectly safe. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis, and you are aware and conscious throughout the experience.

    If the session is online, it is important that the internet connection is strong and the hypnotist makes it clear that if the connection is lost, you will become alert again, feeling refreshed.

    It is also recommended that you experience hypnosis with a trained and responsible hypnotherapist simply because the process will be calming and relaxing and not stressful or confusing.

    Hypnotherapy is calming and relaxing.

    Entertainment hypnosis, for example, often relies on confusing the person; whereas a hypnotherapist will ensure that you enter the trance-like hypnotic state and connect with your subconscious in a comfortable, calm and relaxing manner.

    Hypnosis is not mind control; it is a technique that helps you have more control over your own mind in order to make positive lifestyle changes, and feel more happy, healthy and free. ⚡

    People taking mind altering drugs, such as psychiatric or psychotropic medication, should not participate in hypnosis without a consultation first simply because these drugs are already exerting an effect on the chemical makeup of the brain and nervous system.

    That same essential consultation with a trained professional prior to hypnosis applies to anyone diagnosed with a mental illness, such as schizophrenia and bipolar or manic depression.


    Who is Robito and what does hypnosis with me involve?

    5. Who is Robito? ⚡

    My name is Robert Chatwin (robito is my nickname). I am from England. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University in Psychology and German Studies.

    I qualified to teach Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in the UK and English in German speaking countries through a unique dual teacher training programme by the Houses of Parliament in 2004.

    For the last 6 years, I have taught English for Academic Purposes (EAP) with a focus on critical thinking skills (criticality) to international students at the universities of Reading and Nottingham in the UK.

    Teaching EAP at Nottingham University, 2019

    I am also a serious meditator, and I have been living in the present (not as my thoughts) and following my intuition for the last 7 years (It's just practice).

    I am proudly trained as a Kinetic Shift practitioner with Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy, as well as training in traditional hypnotherapy with the American School of Clinical Hypnotherapy and the American International Association (AIA) of Hypnotherapy.

    I offer a very unique, powerful, healing form of hypnotherapy which combines hypnosis with energy work, past life regression, future life progression, along with my own sixth sense and skills in meditation, psychology, teaching, languages, criticality, and my passion to help others.

    6. What happens in my session? ⚡

    My hypnosis sessions are content free and very unique to you. The session can be online via Zoom, or they can be in person (check updates for my current location).

    My sessions are based on the premise that your subconscious knows what the problem is and can quickly and directly heal you from within.

    I guide you into your own hypnosis so you can release any images, thoughts, feelings, emotions or sensations that are causing you unnecessary blockages. Your unique session will then depend on what comes up. 

    We heal the blockages within you to free your mind and body from physical and emotional pain. Some people find they do not have any blockages that they wish to work on and instead simply enjoy the experience of being in the subconscious.

    You heal the inner child within.

    During the session, each individual experience is unique; but everyone can go back to forgotten memories, physically hold their younger selves, visit people and places from times past, get guidance, see potential future outcomes, go to the root cause of physical or emotional pain, and heal by changing the flavour of past experiences.

    7. How much does my session cost? ⚡

    My unique sessions of kinetic shift, suggestion, regression and progression therapy, meditation, and more, are on donation.

    This means quite simply that I am doing this to help people around the world no matter their financial situation.

    So if you feel that you benefit from this unique experience, I ask you to pay what you can. If you have no money to spare, I expect nothing. If you have money, please donate accordingly.

    Give what you can.

    A session is worth €150, £130 or $200.

    I ask for a donation based on what the session was worth to you, how much you can actually financially afford, and then simply donate from your heart. ❤️

    Note that the donations you make (on this site or in person) enable me to continue helping as many people as possible this way.

    8. How can I have a session? ⚡

    Please contact me via Whatsapp or email me at [email protected] (this is a safe, encrypted email provider for those concerned about privacy).

    Explain who you are, where you are, why you would like hypnosis and I will message you back to agree on a time when we can have a FREE chat (a consultation). 

    During the consultation, we'll agree on a time to do the session when you will be free to focus in a relaxed way for 60-90 mins. This can be straight after the consultation if we wish.

    During an online session, please ensure you will have good internet, and use a laptop or computer instead of a phone or tablet whenever possible (due to the larger screen and increased focus on the session).

    Get comfortable and focused.

    Ideally like this:

    I will send you a Zoom invitation, or we can use Skype (other desktop apps like WeChat, Telegram and Signal also possible).

    My sessions are often life-changing (see testimonials). Please give what you can and what you think it was worth for you once the session is over.

    Your donations (on this site or in person) enable me to continue helping as many people as possible this way.



    We are experiencing a time of great change.

    Media is also a form of hypnosis.

    We're not only traumatised by past experiences, but also by current global events.

    More and more people are confused, anxious, stressed and need healing than ever before.

    Share my website and contact with anyone you know who will benefit, and/or is interested in experiencing hypnosis.

    Help me help more people heal with hypnosis.

    All my ❤️


    🏠 contact | testimonials | YouTube