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"When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher wall."

Put It On Pete's Tab exists to take care of the people that take care of us, the essential but often forgotten workers in the hospitality industry.

With the help of our amazing community of donors we are able to minimize the financial burden of those within the hospitality industry. We're granting requests to assist with utilities, food, household needs and anything else that presents itself as a barrier to those workers' ability to  survive, grow and thrive.

One in six restaurant workers lives below the poverty line, and less than 25% have access to employer sponsored insurance; they make an average hourly wage of $12.91 (tips included), lack paid sick days and retirement funds. Can you see why the workers within the restaurant industry are often one crisis away from financial devastation?

We are here to help

To date we have assisted 25 families in Southwest Florida giving out a total of $10,000 with the average recipient receiving $315.  

But we aren't just paying bills for those in need - 

**we sent a Publix gift card to a mom that was struggling with the 

decision to buy food for her 5 year old son or pay her rent.** 

**We sent diapers and formula to a single mom who couldn't afford 

to pay her bills and care of her infant.**

**When a family reached out saying BOTH mom and dad had been 

affected by COVID layoffs we posted their "wish list" for back to school 

supplies and basic necessities on our Facebook group and it was fully 

funded by our community in under 90 minutes.** 

We've collected over $17,000 from over 100 individual donors with an average donation of $95 and we've learned that you don't need to give big to make a big impact. Any amount helps when you're facing financial crisis and any amount can help to relieve the burden of being unable to care for your family.

"Hello there! I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much! I got the box of diapers yesterday and the 4 cans of formula came today! You guys are absolutely incredible and I am thankful for this. It’s definitely gonna take some weight off my shoulders. Finding out they're stopping the $600 a week for unemployment had me down and worried about bills coming up but this absolutely just turned my day around. Thank you so much again!!"

"It’s really hard to express how grateful I am for this group. My family has been through so much unknown frightful territory in the last 5 months. The actions of this group really put a positive stamp over all the negativity in the world right now. My wife and I are both career hospitality workers, parents of 2, had our goals within our grasp. Thank you for helping keep those dreams alive, for us and others. Thank you for including us at Pete’s Bigger Table." 

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      Donor Wall28

      Abe | $500

      I never knew Pete but want to help! Thank you for doing this to help people in the Ft. Myers community. Thank you Morgan for introducing me to this charity.

      Jeannie Mowry | $10.70

      This is a great idea and great way to give back!! ❤

      Ashley Jennings | $52.23

      David and Laura Noble | $100

      bruno perin | $10.70

      Catherine Diaz | $26.27

      What a wonderful thing you are doing. This touched me.

      Kelly Kosakowski | $259.92

      Garrett | $10.70/M

      Alex Scheeler | $26.27

      Linda Hillyard | $52.23

      Remember Pete and Emily’s hospitality at a Super Bowl party we crashed with our son Stu. Gone too soon. RIP Pete🌹

      Roger Butts | $26.27

      Good job!

      Bernard McInerney | $100

      Jack Kelley | $26.27


      Lori Piepszowski Griffin | $21.08


      Denny Tobleck | $52.23

      Jennifer Mason | $52.23

      Thanks for all you guys are doing to honor Pete and help others. We miss him so much it hurts. Love Brett and Jay


      Love you Peter

      Blue Giraffe | $104.15/M

      Meagan Lemay | $26.27

      Lexi & Dave Walker | $104.15

      My husband and I are both servers and know how hard it is to not always have a stable love tincome.We love the concept of this charity and want to help as often as we can. Thank you for creating this incredible organization. There aren't good enough words to describe the good that you are all doing.

      Renee Leblanc | $52.23

      Love your love ❤️ #builongertables

      Carine Vanzo | $52.23

      Dave Bycraft | $191.38


      In honor of Peter! I feel honored to have been a part of your formative years. Even in our stupid youth, you were a super cool dude. Thank you Pete for all of your heart to hearts, your never ending humor, infectious smile and your streak of cocky teen boy. That along with your 'bedroom' eyes (as we called them) was a lethal combination which made most of us teen girls crush on you at some point or another, even if we had a boyfriend 😆. You have a presence that made people gravitate to you, I am so glad that I was in your orbit. And yes, even underage Pete picked up our tabs! Many Canadian bars profited from our late night underage runs over the border.

      Philip O'Brien | $1,038.73

      His friends have helped to begin to fill the hole in my heart

      Geoffrey | $104.15

      I am so proud of all of you