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Help us build a new commercial kitchen for our student center in Boston

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This is the final stretch!

More than 150 students joined for our first Shabbat dinner of the semester last week. They were so excited to see how different our center looks. Construction is still ongoing and we need your help to finish strong!

You can be a part of the place that will welcome, inspire, nurture, unite and celebrate the young Jewish community in Boston. 

Thank you for supporting MEOR Boston.

Edited 10/06/2022
We are getting closer!

Thank you so very much to everyone who has contributed to the MEOR Boston expansion project. 

The construction is still underway but it has not stopped us from hosting hundreds of students for Shabbat Dinners under the stars! 

We have not reached our goal yet and need your help to finalize this amazing project. Please help us in any way you can! We are so excited for you to see the final results and for our growing student community to fill our new space with Jewish values and learning.

Edited 07/19/2022
Construction for the MEOR Boston commercial kitchen is underway...