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Help us build a new commercial kitchen for our student center in Boston

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      Help us expand so we can help take care of thousands of students in Boston.

      Since 2005, MEOR Boston has been a Jewish home away from home for thousands of students in Boston. 

      MEOR Boston hosts home-cooked Shabbat dinners for 120+ students every Friday, Shabbatons, classes, social events, and 
      trips to Israel, Poland, and more!

      Most of MEOR events take place at their amazing outdoor tent outside the Loketch family's home, where they host hundreds of students every week. As MEOR Boston continues to grow in numbers, they must expand their facilities to include new commercial equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, a heating system, and new bathrooms, tables, chairs & supplies to comfortably accommodate its vibrant student community!

      Partner with us to help MEOR Boston build a commercial kitchen so they can continue to provide a home away from home for hundreds of students. Your contribution will have a real impact on the
       young Jewish community in Boston. 

      Thank you so very much for your support,

      The fundraising committee.

      Construction of the MEOR Tent outside of the Loketch family's home

      Shabbat Dinner setup at the MEOR Tent

      MEOR Boston currently prepares meals for hundreds of students at the Loketch family's kitchen

      Plans for the new commercial kitchen at MEOR Boston

      Rabbi Loketch reviewing plans for the new MEOR Boston Commercial Kitchen

      Shabbat Dinner under the stars

      Closing Banquet for the MEOR Leaders Fellowship Class at the MEOR Tent

      Class with Rabbi Loketch at the MEOR Tent

      Setup for the Purim feast, Megillah reading and party at the MEOR Tent

      Purim feast at the MEOR Tent

      Closing Banquet for the MEOR Leaders Fellowship Class at the MEOR Tent

      Outdoor sushi night

      Hanukkah celebration at the MEOR Tent

      Hanukkah buffet at the MEOR Tent

      Outdoor class with Rabbi Loketch

      Setup for graduation Shabbat Dinner