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12 Days of Giving - Donate Now - Support a Family Today
A little goes a long way

Dear Donors, we have been busy! Not only has a lot been going on personally for the BR tribe, we have been busy with strategy for the next phase of impact.

Getting in to work with the residents in custody is still proving difficult so your help with the packs and the Buddies Scheme behind it has been a life saver. No I mean LITERALLY a life saver!

Every month we get letters from people in prison telling us how they are seeing life differently and how they are making the most of the time they have. For instance just this week we received this from a guy in Forest Bank prison "It's been an eye opener. I had a lightbulb moment regarding my first relationship and why I behaved in the way I behaved. This is a massive break through for me in understanding why I went into decline." 

When you help someone like that it is life-changing in many ways. So once again THANK YOU!

We are currently working with :

54 Prisons

23 active residents

11 active volunteers

For those who have subscribed for our updates I will be sending an email soon with other ways you can get involved.

Love & Blessings

MamaJ, Derrick & Omar

What is Wisdom

Happy New Year!

We send you all happy vibes and happiness during 2022. As much as you would want for yourselves.

During December we were writing to the people on our Buddy Scheme and had a letter from SS who said:

"I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity. I would love the chance to learn more, I have a thirst for knowledge. I'm trying to answer the questions What is Wisdom? What makes an action wise? I am in pursuit of Wisdom" SS

I love it when we get messages like this from searchers :)

In other news we have setup meetings with WayOut TV and with National Prison Radio for February to discuss the best way of maximising our new programmes and we have a call with all the buddies in February to see the best way of including Families into the scheme.

We'll keep you in the loop with all activities!

with love

MamaJ and the Boys

Match Donation

We can now confirm that the match donation has been agreed!

Thank you thank you once again for all your help and support.

We will be lining up the prison radio planning and back in touch early Jan 2022 with updates.

with love

MamaJ & The Boys


Thank you all so very much. We reached our target, in fact we surpassed it. And none of it would be possible without your help!

We love you all and are grateful for every single donation, share, message and good vibes.

Will be back in touch with more updates but just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us <3 

Edited 09/12/2021
36 Hours to go!

Very Good Evening to you all :)

Since our last update only two days ago we've had hugely generous support, donations, and shares. We are grateful for every single one.

The finish line is now in sight! With only 36 hours to go, we need one last push to raise the final £1679!

You are all amazing and we are counting on your support to think outside the box and share this page with anyone you think may be able to take us past the line :)

I was reflecting on the cost to us (the public) for keeping someone in prison. £41,000 a year. Without even mentioning the impact on our children and communities for repeat offences. The three guys in the picture on this very page have already saved the public purse over a QUARTER of a MILLION pounds! 

Some things are immeasurable - The impact on their children growing up in a secure and happy household with a massively reduced risk of them offending. The many lives each of the guys has changed with their dedication to giving back and supporting those who suffer. The communities that have been changed because of the value these guys bring.

You are making a difference with every pound donated.

We appreciate you <3 

Pledge of £15,000

Good morning!

Thank you to all our amazing donors we are now at £10,610!

We have extended the campaign until Friday 10th December as we've received a matched pledge to double our funds IF we reach the target of £15,000. So only £4,400 to go.

One of our supporters said, "if 100 people donated £50 each we would smash the target, easy peasy!" So if there is anyone you know that could help please do send them the link.

We received a letter from one of the guys we work with who lost his mum while in prison. He said, "Even if I don't change you make me want to change and that's change in itself!"

Lots of love, MamaJ and the Boys.

Zoom Meeting open to all

Come along to our Zoom meeting tomorrow at 12:30 GMT for chats and updates on rewards

All welcome, its a come as you are party where we can talk about any topic and you get to meet MamaJ and the boys and the BR Fam x

We reached our first target!

Yay thank you everybody we reached our first target of £5000 which means all your donations have now been doubled. Whoop Whoop.

It also means we are a third of the way to our final target.

We're going live at our Saturday meeting tomorrow at 12:30 to share the love and offer some rewards.

We can't wait to get started in 2022 with a whole new suite of prison radio programmes to share with residents and invite their families to our new home in Finsbury Park :)

Love MamaJ and the Boys

From Jason

Great work and always appreciate the opportunity to change a life inside or the family of someone struggling :) x

Offer of an office space

Wow we have had an incredible offer from two donors to help provide the lads a space to work in London. I'm looking forward to sharing this more broadly as soon as we can. #blessed

Distance Learning Packs

We had a fantastic response to my Facebook live where I showed the Distance Learning pack returned for S - a female prison resident. We are up to almost £4000 as I write! Only £1000 to go to receive the £5000 match fund :) 

Thank you all so very much 

Offer of Match Donation

Whoop whoop we've had an offer of a match donation when we reach £5000! This means that your donation is doubled! Thank you all so much. 

Videos and Podcasts to Enjoy

Hello lovely donors, we thought you might enjoy some background information to the work you are so kindly supporting!

Here's an interview with Jacqueline about what it was like starting to work in the prison system and how she got started 57mins

Introductions from Omar 11mins and MamaJ 9mins (Derrick is on the details page :)

And if you prefer a podcast there's a great selection here for you to enjoy on a long walk/run/cycle or snooze in front of the fire!

with love

MamaJ and the Boys

B Reconnects with his family after 22 years

12 Days of Giving - Day 2 "The Pursuit of Purpose" 

I write a monthly piece for Inside Time which reaches c80,000 readers across the prison estate. Sometimes the guys write letters to tell us about their thoughts, ask for support, or just to let us know that someone is reading the letters. Last month's letter was talking about the pursuit of purpose, you can read it here 

We had a letter from B which I've attached as a transcript below with love, MamaJ, Derrick, Omar, Rob, Gary, Peter, Anne-Marie, Kate, Kate 

B's Transcript. 

I read about Angel and that really touch me. My act of kindness is I want to be as close as possible to my family. I’ve been in prison 22 years and about a year ago my daughter found me and I’m a grandfather. I was looking for her for years and as years went by, I never thought I would ever see her again. And cos 

I’m still not sure If I ever will get out, I was ready to give up life and then I got a letter from her. She’s a mother. What a weight off my shoulders. I’m getting to know her through visit, and phone calls. Wow. I know I have a family who loves me, and I love them. And now it has changed me. Even if I don’t get out of prison, I want to be there for them. Talk to them. And this is a purpose now even if it’s only a phone call or letter or visit. 

She’s there and I can talk to them. It’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I’ll feel so lucky now that she calls me daddy and I didn’t even think that would ever happen so WOW. I would love to maybe help others to find their children somehow or be involved in something that can support families coming together. Cos even outside a lot of children parents are not there and a lot of people in and outside can build bonds if they can take that first step. A lot don’t and a lot do. Some people just don’t understand the feelings of love and hope. Just amazing that someone tells you they love you and even if it’s a little it means the world to someone. Probably a dream come true. 

I’ll be honest before my family were there, I was ready to give up and I would get into a bit of trouble without thinking about things. But you know now I’ve changed my mind cos nobody or no one is more important than my family. I’m hoping to be with them outside to see my grandson grow up and my daughter just to be there for her when she needs her dad. 

This is my purpose and things will never change until the day I die. 

Thanks for giving me a chance to speak to someone else like you. 

I hope this finds you well and yes, I’m spiritual too so blessings to you to. Take care, God Bless