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12 Days of Giving - Donate Now - Support a Family Today

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Beyond Recovery 12 Days of Giving Campaign Picture

Join the Beyond Family for 12 Days of Giving 

25th Nov until 6th December 2021.


You can help break the cycle of crime and mental suffering.


"In prison, I learned that freedom comes from within. Waking up to knowing that everything I had ever been searching for was alive and thriving in me. It had been there since I was born. Undamaged, unbroken, undiminished. As a father, this means I can show my children the unlimited potential that lies within him." 

Derrick Mason, Board Director Beyond Recovery


Children of incarcerated parents are often described as the 'hidden victim'

312,000 children every year are affected by having one parent in prison.

These children suffer an increased risk of offending, mental health issues, and poor educational attainment.


10,000 children visit a parent in prison every week (pre-COVID).


65% of sons of prisoners end up involved in the criminal justice system themselves.


45% of prisoners lose contact with their families whilst in prison.

Derrick Mason - Director & Wellbeing Practitioner, links to Derrick intro

How can you help?

There are lots of ways you can support our mission:


The Beyond Recovery 12 Days of Giving Campaign is running from 25th November until 6th December 2021 to coincide with #GivingTuesday. During this time, you can:


  • Make a donation, however large or small - don't forget to leave a note on the wall :)
  • Help us to share the love with likes and comments and shares on our socials or with friends and family.
  • Send us a message if you're impacted by what we do - even if you're not able to donate, we still love to hear messages of support :)


What difference will your donation make?

  • Creation of a series of prison radio programs over the next 12 months.
  • Expanding our Distance Learning Program to families.
  • Leveling up our Distance Learning Packs to make them more accessible to learners with differences and young people.
  • Enable workshops in the community for family members to engage with the same learning as their incarcerated loved ones.

The COVID Pivot

In 2020 we had to stop running our evidence-based programmes in prison due to the COVID pandemic. We didn't rest on our laurels! Assisted by the wonderful Beyond Family volunteers we created motivational activity packs which were distributed across the prison estate every week for over 9 months.


This led to the creation of our Distance Learning Programme based and our Insight to Wellbeing curriculum. 


In December 2020 we were delighted to receive the Goodwill Solutions CIO awards 1st community grant to commission a National Prison Radio programme which aired in March and April 2021. 


You can listen to the programme 'Chip Thinking' here:

Prison Radio Association Soundcloud image links to BR radio programme


As part of the radio show, we invited residents to reach out and receive Distance Learning packs for themselves and their families.


Image of front cover of Pack2



The Impact


 “It would make me think twice about coming back into prison. Realising there is help and support I can easily turn to. Instead of feeling I'm being set up to fail”

HMP Foston Hall Resident

“An all-round programme of support is better than years of therapy”

HMP Brixton Resident


We know that human beings act from the level of thinking they have in the moment. You can help to elevate that thinking. You can increase compassion and pro-social behaviour. You can support the families of prison-experienced people. By helping us create the next phase today.

About Beyond Recovery

Beyond Recovery is a fast-growing social enterprise, founded in 2015. Their programmes have made a proven difference to people with repeat offending behaviour, complex mental health issues, and drug and alcohol problems who are involved in the criminal justice system.

Directors: Jacqueline Hollows, Derrick Mason, Omar Wilson, Gary Burton

Acknowledgement: None of this would be possible without the wonderful work of Syd Banks and the Three Principles that he uncovered. Forever in gratitude. For more information on Mr Banks visit his website