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Build Her New Classroom & Brighten Her Smile!

Please view and share our new appeal video 

(it's less than two minutes)

Charity begins at home... 

her journey each day to the school 

that makes her (and more than 130 other children) smile so brightly. 


- keep her smiling for years to come 

- broaden her horizons

- make her dreams come true

- invest in her future

- foster her creativity

- mold her character 

- ignite her spark for lifelong learning


Meet Charity Agama, 7 years old, lives in Ho, Volta Region, Ghana. In the years to come Charity will move forward through primary school. She and her family want her to continue in the same school. 

For that to happen, more classrooms need to be added. More classrooms means more children will learn with more personal care and attention from their teachers. 

Everyone benefits; the learners, their teachers and families, the community and our world.


Due to generous donors like you, and the sincere efforts of our staff, Charity’s school, the Ananda Marga Neohumanist Academy in Ho, Ghana has flourished and grown increasingly popular. 

Now with more than 130 children enrolled, we provide creche, nursery, kindergarten and primary one to three classes. Our current aim is to provide full primary school classes for the 2023-2024 academic year.


UPDATE: (1 June, 2023) - Four classrooms (Primary 3 to 6), a computer classroom, additional room and toilet facilities on our new 2nd story are nearly completed.

Before commencing work on the third story, earmarked for future Junior High School classes, we more urgently need to raise the roof to better protect all that's below. Additional funds may also be need to complete painting and cleaning up during the coming weeks and months. 

The estimate for the roof is US$13,000 but inflation is rampant in Ghana.  Several more thousands will be needed to complete the painting, cleaning up and beautifying (gardens) after this active phase of construction.          

So we are seeking another $17,000+ for this next phase.


In 2020-2021 three additional classrooms were added - one on the ground floor and two on the newly built second story (see below). 


                                                              (Summer, 2021) 

The next phase of the school's  development is happening now as partly described above. Since late September, 2022 renovation and construction works created one additional ground floor classroom on the longer side of our L shaped building. The kitchen was enlarged and greatly improved.

                                                              (October 2022)

                                         (December 2022)


                                                           (February 2023)


                                                         (Mid May 2023)


Due to ongoing inflation and volatile exchange rates we can only project an approximate budget. We expect this next phase of work will require US$15,000 to 20,000. 

Any additional funds collected will help kick start the next phase – adding a third story, with another four classrooms, computer classroom, additional room and toilet facilities for our junior high school level. 

The day to day operation of the school is financially self-reliant. Our affordable fees allow us to manage staff salaries, monthly bills, basic supplies, and needed furniture. The addition of new classrooms however and other  improvements in infrastructure require the support of people like you. 

                                                                                                               (February 2023)


                                                   (Morning Assembly)

Your kind support will be deeply appreciated by our children, their families and all the school's staff.

For more information and photos please visit:  

For a short video (less than 5 minutes) that shares an intimate view of the school's children, their families and staff please click below:

And for a longer video (about 16 minutes) with more scenes: