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make our first vegan cafe in kurdistan in iraq open!

we want to open the first total vegan cafe and rest in kurdistan northern of iraq because of the big amount of need of plant-based products! we need to support the environment and use less and less animals products!
as a vegetarian and vegan i have been struggling to get vegan and vegetarian foods and drinks for my daily life as a plant based user but finally i decided myself to open the first vegan cafe to help the big community's life style and provide them plant-based delicious and nutritious foods and drinks! and help the environment to get greener!

we have goals with (BOTO)

- What does (BOTO) mean? 

in kurdish language boto means ( for you ) which is a word for serving customers and consumers and we are working on making the (BOTO) a vegan brand for future that can have our own plant-based products!

- Our vegan cafe will be open to all the community and we will raise awareness of using plant-based products and it's benefits for the environment and the future of animals and our health! we provide workshops and social media infographic posts and articles.

- The fundraising amount will be used to make a total vegan cafe and rest to make a comfortable space for the customers and communities to visit daily and stick with our tasty veggie options with high beneficial vitamins and proteins!  

Short biography of the founder of (BOTO)

- i'm Ranja ali 21 years old filmmaker and photographer beside my artistic background i do care about animal rights and veganism in my community and society and it has been more than five years since i decided to be Vegan\vegetarian but the struggle to get plant-based meals and drinks is real because of the load of working and non-availability plant-based products!

so i decided to open the first vegan cafe and rest and serve the community and make a step to make the brand!
here is short video about (boto) from (Business Insiders)

and you can find my contacts in my website!

Best Regards

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