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Save Nairobi National Park's Ecosystem

For years Nairobi National Park's ecosystem has been heavily threatened by development, enclosures, and encroachment. This has limited wildlife habitat, prevented useful migration, and increased human-wildlife conflict. As a result, both wildlife and humans have suffered. There is a need for intervention.

Through our approach of leasing ("renting") land from the local Maasai outside the park, we have been able to secure critical wildlife land and reduce human-wildlife conflict. The economic benefits have also provided an incentive to the local community to participate in wildlife conservation. Currently, we have 2,200 acres of protected land in Athi Kapiti Plains and 31 families who make up Naretunoi Community Conservancy. However, with the growing developmental pressures in Kenya's capital, we need to do more before it is all gone! 

Here's how you can help...

By adopting acres ($5/acre annually) you hold vital land in trust for wildlife conservation. Not only will you keep the area free from development but also increase wildlife habitat.

Save Nairobi National Park's ecosystem and preserve the lung of Nairobi!

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