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        Today we are asking for your support, the need for our services often it beyond what we can support.  We decided to officially launch the Touchstong Cycle of Giving to give individuals a way to giveback to the community.


        Please consider providing a donation. Your financial gift will improve the accessibility of our services which, in turn, enables the continuation of exceptional care for the animals, who then give back to the community. We have several opportunities to give and a few specific ones in our donation options list - please give if you feel called to support today.

        Kisses is one of our well-known miniature horses and one of the founding equines of our farm.  Born in 2011, she adores children, is happy to do pony rides and looks quite fancy as a unicorn! She has since been trained under saddle and totes around even the tiniest of riders with the utmost care. She is outstanding with even the most challenging EAL

        client and is wise beyond her years. She is by far the most adorable and compassionate pony we’ve ever met! Wilson was born in the winter of 2019.  Born the first of a set of twins, he was an explorer. During his wandering, his mother connected with her second baby and refused to accept him. He often acts more like a puppy than a goat and is certainly just a big kid!! In the past, Wilson has dressed up in full costume to visit schools, retirement homes and even camp visits for Easter Seals. Fun Fact: His favourite outfit is either being in his christmas sweater and antlers or wearing wings so he can feel fast!

        Marlie is a former racehorse who found herself neglected and in rough shape - sent to auction without any notice. She was rescued by a sanctuary where she was rehabilitated. She handles the most sensitive riders with care and compassion during EAL sessions - the most attentive soul in the world.

        Bringing happiness to others through connection with happy animals makes us happy. 

        At Touchstone, we give our animals purpose according to their capacity. We facilitate the healing connection between humans and animals for a mutually beneficial practice. With your support, we can expand our services in the community. 

        Touchstone Farm is a privately-run farm in Embro, providing relationship-centred comfort for the animals in our care while offering services for our community. Family-owned and operated since 2015, Touchstone farm is a home and “soft place to land” for many previously injured, neglected and abused animals. Through comprehensive and compassionate care for our four-legged friends, we are able to facilitate equally comprehensive and compassionate care for our two-legged neighbours. 

        Riding lessons and experiential-healing sessions employing Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) support differently-abled or struggling community members of all ages. 

        We have several horses here on the farm, each with its own history and experiences.  We handpick who we’ll use in each session or visit and tailor the exercises for each combination. This is a highly individualized approach and allows us the freedom to fit the needs of each learner as a person.

        Often a horse will choose its person and it is the job of the EAL practitioner to facilitate those interactions.  By reading them together, using their reactions as a barometer, we are able to gain insight into the learner’s personality and further guide the exercises.  

        Social engagement (for individuals or small groups) aids seniors, shut-ins, or even stressed moms.

        Through children’s “Unicorn” parties, community animal learning sessions, or specialized “Day-Out” events, we can give back to the community on a case-by-case basis. As a small, private, family-run organization, we can provide customized care for both the people who visit and the animals who call this farm home.