The "be" Fund

Being born, being a human being, being ourselves. We all think we're born with the freedom to live our lives the way we fashion, and for the most part it's true. Perhaps it's more accurate to say, for a few it's true whereas for many of us it remains buried as dreams. 

I thought I would be an artist when I was young, I thought I could be a writer as I grew up a little, I thought I could be anything that I wanted, until now. From being a free thinker to becoming completely absolved with my own survival, the past year opened me up to the politics of human rights and rights of those, like me are chronically ill or as I like to call us, the incurables (everything is better in comic book form). 

Hi, I'm an incurable with powers to create holes in my stomach as my body pleases, bleed internally for unknown causes and require calories to be fed through vena cava or, in layman's terms the veins closest to the heart. The only thing keeping me somewhat "healthy" besides constant medical attention are immunosuppressants such as Ustekinumab which is currently unavailable in India, the country that the British Home Office believes is a place I should return for "palliative care" instead of living in the UK. 

I might be an incurable with my own powers, but to be in a world that recognises chronic conditions of all types, to be able to make a change and most of all, to simply be, to exist, it's something I cannot do alone. I want to be, to live and to breath without worrying if I will have adequate access to medical care, if I will get to feel the warm rays of the sun the next morning, if I can at least have my stomach closed properly until my next surgery etc. 

You can help me be more by supporting any which ways that you can, share this with one other person, get in touch if you know someone who can help, support my legal costs or simply buy me a coffee & cake to get through the day. 

Thank you.

~ Bhavani Esapathi

PS: To learn more about my work please visit The Invisible Labs and The Only BE to learn more about me. Thanks again! 

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