The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Do you have a drug test coming up and you are quite confused about what brand of synthetic urine to patronize? Then calm your frayed nerves down as this guide will present to you, the best of the brands that are trusted, famous and get it right when it comes synthetic urine. There are fake pees, even in the fake pees market. This implies that you are not using your real pee for the test, you are using a fake one, but you can get a fake one that doesn't have all the qualities of a fake pee for that can pass for human urine in a test.

Without further ado, let's delve right into business.

3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands

With these brands below, you can never go wrong with your urine test because they come with all the qualities of a first pee, you only need to keep the temperature within the range of human urine.

1. Quick Luck Urine from Clear Choice

Fast Luck is the best synthetic urine brand out there. It's the most famed and comes top in quality which accounts for its very pricey nature. At a $100, it's relatively off the budget for many. But quality is what you get out of it. It contains all the chemicals found in human urine plus 14 biological markers that prove it's a real pee. You can never go wrong with your drug test, pledging loyalty to this brand. It also comes with a heat activator powder that you can use to set the temperature right before walking into that lab for a drug test.

2. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

This is yet another top brand and would never miss out on the list of synthetic urine reviews online. It's also from the transparent choice company and follows quick Luck closely in terms of quality and perfect replica of human urine. It's also on the high side of pricing at $80, but as usual, you get the quality you are looking for, and nobody detects you have a fake pee. It's a powdered synthetic urine kit, and you'll have to use warm water to prepare the sample. There's a heat activator powder that helps you keep the temperature at the level of the human urine to pass any drug test.

3. Quick Fix 6.2

At $30 or $40 at most, this is a reasonable compromise when you put budget and quality side by side. In essence, do not anticipate the best quality here since this synthetic urine is relatively cheap, but that doesn't mean you won't get past necessary drug tests. It uses a heating pad which is inferior to the heat activator powder, and you need warm water or cold water to balance the temperature depending on the temperature at the moment. It's not a famous brand but comes in handy if you're on a budget and your drug test isn't that serious.

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