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Help save the innocent lives of children and animals in La Guajira, Colombia.

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      Thanksgiving Mission 2022

      This November 2022, Cartagena Paws is teaming up with four other animal rescue groups to implement our largest Humanitarian Missions in one of the most deprived regions of Colombia, La Guajira. La Guajira is an area of Colombia where people struggle daily to access basic needs such as water, food, electricity, and education. Cartagena Paws has decided to unite with others and help the animals and children of La Guajira this Thanksgiving!

      Cartagena Paws, Tu Fiel Amigo, Anawa Project, Tawala Project, and Retrato de Los Perros Olvidados de Riohacha Project will unite together to spay and neuter 300 animals, vaccinate 200 animals, and provide vet care and treatment to 150 animals in the La Guajira region. We will have clinics in Riohacha, Maicao, Manaure, and various rancheritos. Additionally, we plan to hold educational events for hundreds of children. At an event, we would provide meals, educational puzzles, and coloring books, while also instilling an understanding of how to care for animals. Lastly, we will also provide adult education classes to community members and collect hundreds of donations to bring to them and their families in dire need.

      Over the past five years, Cartagena Paws has helped thousands of animals all over Colombia. We’ve organized spay, neuter, vaccinate, and education missions throughout the communities of Cartagena and the coast of Colombia. We have rescued and rehabilitated over one thousand animals. Over 250 animals have been adopted to their forever homes in the USA, Canada, and Colombia. Likewise, we have established sustainable vet-care and educational projects throughout several communities in Cartagena, showing positive impacts for both the animals and children of these communities.

      For this large-scale humanitarian effort to help both the animals and people of La Guajira, we need to raise $20,000 USD by November to be successful! Our volunteers pay for their flights, stay, and food. All funds go towards the medical needs of the animals, the educational and humanitarian needs of the children, and transportation to communities for vets and volunteers. Below is a price breakdown of costs:

      4 Days of Spay, Release, and Vet care for the Animals of La Guajira: Nov 19-22

      Spay or Neuter an Animal: $20 USD
      Goal: Spay and Neuter 300 Animals = $6,000 USD

      • Spay a female cat or dog with a full recovery kit (antibiotics, pain medication, and wound spray with instructions for the caregiver).
      • Neuter a male cat or dog (antibiotics, pain medication, and wound spray with instructions for the caregiver

      Vaccinate an animal: $15 USD

      Goal: Vaccinate 200 Animals= $3,000 USD

      • 3 in 1 vaccine with Rabies for Cats
      • 5 in 1 vaccine with Rabies for Dogs
      • 3 in 1 vaccine for Puppies (Triple)

      Vet Examination and Treatment for Critical Cases: $25 USD
      Goal: Provide vet care and treatment to 150 Animals= $3,750 USD

      • Treatment for Mange with Medication Kit
      • Treatment for Conjunctivitis with Medication Kit
      • Treatment for Maggot Infection with medication Kit
      • Treatment for both Internal and External parasites
      • Heartworm Control and Prevention
      • Chemotherapy for animals with TVT
      • Intravenous Fluid Therapy (IV) for dehydrated animals
      • Intravenous Treatment for animals with
      • Parvo or Distemper
      • Removal of cancerous lumps or growths with recovery kit
      • Treatment for anemia
      • Treatment for animals with vitamin deficiencies

      Transportation to and from worksites for Vets and Volunteers: $ 1,000 USD
      Goal: To provide a safe means of travel for our vets and volunteers (15+ people) to and from the worksites each day, over the course of 4 days. Estimated travel time is anywhere from 1-1.5 hours each way across deserted desert roads. Volunteers will travel in large vans with all of their medical equipment and tools.

      Total Price for November Animal Care Clinic in La Guajira: 13,750 USD

      4 Days of Educational Events for the Children of La Guajira: Nov 19-22

      Educational Lesson on Empathy, Compassion, and Animal Friends
      Goal: $1,000

      • USD Print 4 Large Books & 500 Small books: Cartagena Paws' Original Story: Friends Like Ramona & Jefe in Spanish and Wayuukaiki (Indigenous Language of the people of La Guajira).

      Educational Activity: R3: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
      Goal: = $500 USD

      • Conduct an R3 Educational Activity with various materials, crafts, and visuals to teach children how to create sustainable projects within their own communities.

      Educational Activity: Animal Rights and Welfare
      Goal: $1,200 USD

      • Print and distribute 500+ puzzles with real pictures from animal rescues and events with sentimental phrases about animal rights and welfare for children to put together and later take home with them to use.

      Educational Meal for Participants: Meals for Children
      Goal: $1,300 USD

      • Provide children participating in the educational activities with a meal, juice, and water

      International Shipping of Humanitarian Donations
      Goal: $2,250 USD

      • Provide families and animals with donations that are collected throughout various donations points in the USA and Canada to distribute at the daily events (clothing, school supplies, toiletries, medications).

      Total Price for Educational Clinic in November in La Guajira= $ 6,250 USD

      Total Animal & Education Mission= $20,000 USD