Make your fundraising mobile with Text-to-Give

  • Simple to donate on any smartphone!
  • Perfect for on-the-spot donation drives, church services, fundraising events, and conferences!
  • Integrate seamlessly with your Donorbox account!
  • Select a custom keyword for your fundraising campaign!
  • Share an easy-to-remember shortcode with donors.
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Why do Nonprofits Love Text to Give?


One 60-second initial setup and your donors are ready to give to your cause over and over again with just one text.


Put the power of speedy giving in the hands of your donors. Let them make donations by text on the spot.


Don’t wait for donors to give by check or cash. With Donorbox they can donate with any iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.

What is Text to Give?

Text to Give is a fundraising method that empowers donors to give to organizations via their smartphones. Using their phones’ texting application, supporters can donate to their favorite nonprofits.

What is Text to Give

How does Text to Give work?

And subsequent donations are even easier. They can be done instantly
using repeat donation — no forms or websites are required. More below!

Create your campaign's Custom Keyword

Use your own Custom Keyword for collecting donations — a unique and catchy word that represents your cause, campaign, and branding!

Your donors can give easily by texting your custom keyword to the toll-free number or the short code 801801.

Create your campaign's Custom Keyword

Use a hasslefree Short Code number 801801

You can upgrade to the Short Code plan for $50 per month.

With our new Short Code plan, your donors can easily give by sending a text message with your campaign keyword to 801801! You can raise more donations for your US-based organization with this easy-to-remember shortcode.

Use a hasslefree Short Code number 801801

Raise more donations with Repeat Donation

Repeat donation allows donors to give again without filling out the donation form or opening any web pages. This is a super-easy way for your donors to continue giving at your regular fundraising events, Sunday church services, and other recurring gatherings!

Key Feature of Donorbox Text to Give (“Repeat Donation”)

This Integration Requires

A Donorbox account
½ hour of setup
Vision and Enthusiasm!
It’s just that simple.

Get Started with Donorbox Text to Give

Resources to Create a Text to Give Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a custom keyword using Donorbox Text-to-Give?

Using Donorbox, you can create a custom keyword for your text-to-donate campaign. Choose a unique and catchy word that represents your cause, campaign, and branding. Make sure it is also easily memorable for your donors!

What is the most effective way to request text donations?

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, text donations have become one of the best ways to solicit charitable contributions. Unlike phone calls, most people open their texts. A short and catchy text-to-donate solicitation will catch their attention and make it easier for them to support their favorite cause.

You can also simply display your text-to-donate information on viewers’ television screens during media appearances. Or, put it up on the screens in your lobby at your next event!

Text donation campaigns connected to your other events or campaigns have the most success. Text-to-donate should be seen as one of many ways to make a donation, allowing donors to choose the best way for them to give.

Is text-to-donate different from text-to-give?

Many people may assume text-to-give and text-to-donate are the same, but there are significant differences that can affect your campaign. Technically, text-to-give has set donation amounts, requires donors to send a short code to an assigned number, and charges the donors’ phone carrier.

Text-to-donate, on the other hand, is simpler for the donor and offers more opportunities to build donor relationships. Text-to-donate provides a link to your organization’s campaign page and allows donors to give any amount. Text-to-donate also makes it simpler for nonprofits to collect recurring donations.

Donorbox Text-to-Give follows the text-to-donate method of giving via text.

How are others using Donorbox’s Text-to-Give platform?

The ways to incorporate a text-to-donate strategy are as infinite as your imagination! Whether you’re a church, nonprofit, business, or individual, text-to-give is an excellent way to collect cashless donations anywhere. Here are a few ways others are using text-to-give:

  • Church offerings
  • Concert fundraisers
  • Conference donations
  • Outdoor event fundraising
  • Media opportunities
My organization is based outside the U.S. – can I use Text-to-Give?

Donorbox Text-to-Give is available in the United States and Canada. Any supporters in those two countries can use this feature. Our shortcode works in the U.S. and the toll-free standard telephone number works in either country. If supporters text from outside the U.S., they could be susceptible to additional carrier charges. There is no additional charge to your nonprofit.

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