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It is our fundamental belief that more people would support if they knew how! You are major part of proving just that. Keep going, it's greatly appreciated.

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 1️⃣ - 28 million women a year are affected by sexual assault and often nothing is done to support them and when different struggles like PTSD, depression and anxiety set in we call them "angry".

2️⃣ - 1 out of every 6 women will be affected by some form of sexual assault or violence in their lifetime
- image the 6 closest women in your life and one of them suffering to navigate a traumatic event such as sexual assault - alone.

3️⃣ - And lastly the most difficult is the thoughts I have about the court case that I sat on the jury for roughly two and a half years ago. To this day I still believe the defendant was guilty of sexually assaulting his 12 and 15 year old stepdaughters!

 #TealWeChange the way we support advocates, prosecute predators, and educate the general public nothing will change.

We will post #TealWeChange

We will advocate #TealWeChange

We will support, love, fight, cry and build a world that is better for survivors #TealWeChange

Our Mission:

Creating a community that will not stand for 28 million women being sexually assaulted each year.

Our Purpose:

to provide advocacy, support, and a stable economic base for victims of sexual assault while bringing national awareness to the issue in effort to eradicate sexual violence against women.

Our Values:

Community, Economics,  & Safety

Our Vision:

To continuously push the envelope when it comes to merging capitalism and