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T&S Bunny Fund


After the news that T&S is shutting down and letting all buns go to loving homes, the rescues are going to need a lot of support to be able to cover costs of neutering, vaccines, parasite meds and any other treatments that might be needed.

We have averaged vet costs from around the country.

On average, each rabbit will need

Neutering: £100
Vaccine x2: £150
Parasite meds (dewormer and mites meds): £40

That averages to about £290 per rabbit, times 250 rabbits makes a total of £72,500.

three white rabbits in a hutch, the ears of one show signs of infection
That is JUST the average cost for any rabbit that does not need heavy medical attention, and it also is not counting on their feed, hay, enrichment and transport from the farm to the rescue spaces.

Whilst most rabbits will not need that kind of money, Juneau and Tommy were very ill buns who came out of the farm and they ended up costing around £7000 between them. We should expect that at least some of them will cost the same. For this reason we are setting the fundraiser at £100,000.

5 white rabbits bunched together in a hutch, their fur is dis-coloured and ears showing signs of infection

We are aware that that's a huge amount of money, but the rescues should not have to face the weight of this alone.

This fundraiser will be very public. Every time we send money to a rescue we will account it here, so everybody will be aware of where the money is going. We will ask for rescues to share their receipts so no one doubts it, and if by the end of it we do not need the whole 100k, we will make it public for all to know.

We truly appreciate your support, be it by donating or by sharing as much as possible.

Let's give all these rabbits the love and attention they deserve.

A person dressed all in black with balck face mask and cap, holding a white rabbit with head tilt, a common sign of infection or parasites in rabbits