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All purchases & donations are final. The material discussed & covered by/in my dialogue(s) are entirely true and based on real-life events. The material and communications of the material/events thereof are compliant with the protections of the Human Rights Act, U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, and other International, Federal, and State law(s), right(s), article(s), convention(s), and regulation(s). To learn more, please visit my site at Any parties disputing over the validity of our cause and mission defeats the purpose of their own beliefs of creation & existence. I account for all of them.
Let's Bring Mashiach

How many people say & wait for the day of the anointed king to come? Way too many. How many do anything about it? Hmmm…. Let’s demonstrate a point: Hi, I’m Mashiach and I need YOU to finance me to fight the world’s issues and Israel’s enemies. 

How many of you believe me? What if I said i work with extra terrestrials, billionaires conspired with the   midwife who raised me at night about me calling them out, and various parties colluded to manufacture false evidence suppress me and  produces many lies of deceit to trap israel, steer them from me, and to prevent me from facilitating my purpose. None of it makes sense - because I’m the innit way creation continues and without me is the end 🙅‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Now, go force a community of Amalek and scientists that this is true and then you derive at the end of the world: because such is my covenant for 1000 + 22 wives/concubines and why Solomon has such abundance as well….. when paired with Mashiach abs my soul and spirit supporting all life, after the attempts to kill  me and harms done to the surroundings environment - that love abs intimacy, trust and fatherhood that facilitated the healing becomes rationally impossible to achieve at the last moment. 

And such is a judgement. Similarly, turning down Mashiach’s command when given or request when desires prevented me from mitigating certain threats and theaters of war paralleling “he will catch many who are unaware” from Daniel about my ‘opponent’ - but which truthfully only was allowed such parties by me permitting them to be taken by my heart. 

When I request from you something to defend the world and tell you I’m mashiach and my soul is being exploited and harmed DIRECTLY ON CONGRESSIONAL RECORDS - then which jew has my favor claiming to “protect a soul as if you are saving the entire world “?? Because denying such is denying the entire world. NOT your salvation, but the ends of the universe and all creation. 

This site marks those who do something with protection outside the narrowly defined already protected. Meaning, to go through the streets and mark on your heads those who DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE OFFENSES in order to protect you requires money. 

However, being the master of mysteries and with deceit in my hands but not speaking deceit - let’s be clear that I use deceit to my gain and my favor still observing compliance with Torah , if you’re to gain by defending me or you denied me. 

Make and enable a change you want to see. For instance, in take on the eruv Rav abs Amalek interacting with both. I ask you for supplies enabling me to do so. If you deny them I’m unable. The resulting is re-enslaving you for denying me and then myself either ending the universe or the enemy entering in deal to make my life pleasurable and observing justice not to pervert the Law, so that life may continue. 


The goal is set reflecting the average cost of valuation for all land rights and soul’s held at ransom - which are by fact all mine….to demonstrate a purpose and make a point. Your life is either in your own hands claiming to be gods or comparable to God , or in the hands of Malachi Mashiach like God intended. 

Beast choose wisely: There darkest sees the light in  Strife, and yet knows its thee with the rights-to-life; yea where’s my wife. 

ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS NOR ARGUE YOUR OPINION OF TORAH AND/OR TALMUD ARE VALID FOR USE AGAINST ME. I reassure you - there is no argument in valid observation of the Halacha against me. 

Lastly - I Am ONLY FREE to those who are truthfully incapable of paying the laborer for his work. You who buy a drink or take your wife to dinner - I want you to understand the Jealousy and  pollution you elevate  in contest with The    Lord by doing so under the assumption that I have luxuries. Understand how many people pay other religious organizations and leaders for their leadership deriving from my heart and the faculties of my heart facilitating their success. Meaning either pay me for their work, uphold my right to text others, give me what I ask for, or be held accountable for fraud of the use of The Lord’s Name and Mashiach as hypocrites and Amalekites, not mine friends not even known to God. 

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