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Support our poorest patients by a donation towards our Poor Patient Fund. This fund is in great need of donations. Or support the building of te new Neonatal ward. 3000 babies are born at the hospital annually. We are in urgent need of this new ward and equipment.

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Use the DONATE button if you want to pay by creditcard from anywhere in the world or by Ideal (only from Holland). If you want to pay by bank transfer check our website at page "get involved". If you are from the Netherlands, your gift is tax deductable within the limits set by the Dutch tax as your gift is channelled through 'Friends of Haydom Netherlands' which is an ANBI foundation (RSIN 858118348). FoH NL forwards the gift for the full amount to Haydom Lutheran Hospital.
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Haydom Lutheran Hospital is serving an area as referral hospital with 2 million inhabitants. The patients come mainly from the Manyara and Singida region. Singida is one of the three poorest areas of Tanzania. No wonder that many patients struggle paying the hospital fees, even if they are relatively low. For the poorest ones we have the Poor Patient Fund. Because the great demand this is now empty. We hope we can stay helping these poorest of the poorest patients and our goal is to raise USD 20.000 for this fund.

3,000 babies are born annually at the hospital. To save babies lives we are in urgent need of a new Neonatal Ward and equipment. 

Also non-earmarked donations will be well spent at the discretion of the Hospital Management and Medical staff.

Use the DONATE button if you want to donate with your creditcard or by Ideal (only used in The Netherlands). Or else visit our website for the regular bank accounts