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WingWoman Lebanon - Reusable Hygiene Items

WingWoman Lebanon empowers women to create sustainable futures through the production, distribution and use of reusable hygiene items. Women from vulnerable communities make reusable period pads and reusable size-adjustable diapers which are then sold onto NGOs, who in turn distribute them for free to those most in need. The women also run much needed awareness sessions providing accurate scientific information and challenging the extensive and deep-rooted stigmas, myths and taboos surrounding periods.

The population of Lebanon is around 6.5 million. This includes approximately 2 million refugees and 400,000 migrant workers. After the 2019 revolution and the Beirut port explosion in 2020, the humanitarian crisis has only worsened. There is currently no government or president and the ongoing financial crisis has caused the currency to devalue by more than 80%; the price of period pads, diapers and other hygiene items have dramatically increased without any governmental aid or subsidies. This has resulted in people adopting negative coping mechanisms including women using children’s clothes, newspapers and even leaves to manage periods. Things are no better for babies; recently a woman told us she had resorted to using disposable diapers, washing them and reusing them again while another family had no option but to use a plastic bag for their new born baby.

If the above is not bad enough, there is also a huge waste management crisis all across Lebanon, particularly in the refugee camps. This results in the accumulation of large amounts of waste, increasing incidents of disease and reducing safe spaces for children to play in.


Over the last year we have manufactured and distributed over 25,000 reusable pads and reached over 550 people with our awareness sessions. However, we often meet small, grassroots organisations and individuals who are interested in our products and services but without the means to purchase them. We would like to gather funds to be able to offer them for free and this is where we would love your help! 


Your contribution, however small, makes a huge difference. Donating enough for just one pack of reusable pads ($13) means someone has access to menstrual products for a full 3 years and one pack of reusable diapers ($40) lasts an infants entire diaper-phase! By donating to the production of reusable products, you are also contributing to the livelihoods of the 30 WingWoman employees and their families. So please please just give whatever you can, no donation is too small.

$13 provides reusable period pads to someone for 3 years and prevents ~790 disposable pads going to landfill.

$40 provides reusable diapers for one infant's entire diaper phase and prevents ~6500 disposable diapers going to landfill.

$250 provides an period awareness session for 35 participants

$705 provides an awareness session for 35 participants with reusable pad distribution included.

Thank you just for getting this far down the page and thank you again if you have or are going to make a donation. It really will make a big difference!

To find out more about what we’ve been up to, check out the YouTube video (at the top of the page), follow us on Instagram (Website coming soon) and please do get in touch with any further queries or suggestions at: [email protected]