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Support wildlife, protect biodiversity

Our wildlife rescue centre is located in a biodiversity hub, a wildlife corridor that enables epic migrations from Africa to Northern Europe. We are the only entity safeguarding this biodiversity in the region (Liguria), the only ones on the frontline to rescue wildlife that has been threatened by habitat loss, anthropic influence, wildlife trafficking and poaching, still a grim reality of Mediterranean territories. 

Every year, we rescue more than 2000 animals, including endangered species, to rehabilitate each of them back to freedom. Indeed, our only objective is to give these animals their freedom back and replenish our rich but more threatened than ever biodiversity. 

All this is not possible without supporters like you. We are a volunteer-based NGO that relies on donations to provide care, veterinarian interventions and proper infrastructure for effective rehabilitation. Please consider becoming part of the change and part of the team by donating today.

We can ensure we will spend every amount, to the last cent, for the care of our precious wildlife and ecosystem. In the meanwhile, why don’t you get to know some of our guests?

  • A red squirrel - These animals are rapidly disappearing from our territories due to the introduction of alien competitors. This squirrel has been found when she was just born, still blind and in need of milk every hour. Her nest has been destroyed by logging.

  • A peregrine falcon - The fastest animal on Earth, this one was shot by a poacher. The bullets shattered his wing bones and he is now undergoing surgery and a long rehabilitation.

  • A python - She was smuggled in the country by wildlife traffickers and sold as a pet in the black market. As we cooperate with law enforcement to combat traffic, we are now her legal carers.

  • And so many others...