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Infinite Variety Productions (IVP) is a 501c3 theatre company dedicated to spotlighting women who have gone unnoticed throughout history and demanding awareness of women's roles in historical, current and possible events.

In Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, Antony says of Cleopatra:

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety

IVP believes all women are made of infinite varieties and deserve to be celebrated and revered. 


Since IVP became a 501c3 in 2014 we have been busy creating original plays based in women's history. We have traveled all around the country and even headed overseas last year for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

However, we cannot continue without your help. Our 2019/2020 season is filled with new stories, new partnerships and plenty of creativity. We know people get busy but a monthly donation can make a huge difference in our year. So we are making it easy for you by giving our supporters the option to donate automatically every month or a simple one time donation and support. Not sure? Want to know what your money will be going towards? Well below! Check out some of our projects below!

July 2019: IVP has been accepted into the first ever Borderlight International Fringe Festival. We will be taking our documentary play, In Their Footsteps to Cleveland. IVP interviewed five American women who served in the Vietnam War and used the text to create a play that shows the human side of war. InTheir Footsteps features Ann Kelsey (Special Services Librarian), Judy Jenkins Guadino (Special Services RecreationEmployee), Jeanne "Sam" Christie (Red Cross, Donut Dollie), Lily Adams (US Army Nurse), and Doris "Lucki" Allen (US Army Intelligence Specialist). 

To read a review of this show head to:

IVP will perform this show this July at: The Old Stone Church - Chapelvenue_oldstone2

How will we take our show and bring it into a church? We will be posting updates! 

What surprises are in store for a new International Fringe? 

Wait to hear stories from the actors and crew!

How can you help?? 

IVP is bringing the entire cast and crew to Cleveland, putting them up and supplying snacks. There will be other expenses of rehearsal space, fixing the set and marketing. However, we want to pay our actors, our crew and our admin team! Your monthly donation can help us  cut costs and do just that.

Fall 2019: 

Our documentary theatre piece, Displeyst is coming back! Displeyst tells the true story of a well-to-do Jewish family, headed by matriarch Margaret Welish. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Margaret took her family from Austria to the Philippines, only to have their life ripped apart again by the invasion of Japan.

Using Margaret's 1981 diary and oral histories from her daughters, Infinite Variety Productions has created a script showing that power and corruption can break apart an entire community, but love, family, and tradition can build a home anywhere.

There was a workshop production this spring. Now we are excited to put up the full production. How will we make this happen? What will this new journey end up being? Join us as we spend August - December workshopping and touring this play to new audiences. And that is not all - we have an exciting relationship with ...well its a surprise. All donors will be the first though to know! 

How can you help??

IVP needs to hire a marketing/pr rock star and pay our wonderful artists. Your money will help us make this happen.

January - February:

What else can IVP create? Is there a lack of women's history stories? No! So IVP will be creating a new work in the fall which will be created during these months. What will the story be about - is the anniversary of women getting the right to vote so..I've said too much. More info to come - only to our special donors of course.

April - May:

Preparations for Edinburgh (yup - we are going there and will keep you up to date with our adventures once we arrive) and a workshop production of IVP's newest play. We are hoping to continue to pay our actors, crew and admin team the salary they deserve. Your monthly donation will help cover those costs.

June - August:

Edinburgh - for the whole month....more info to come. 

After August..believe us..we have plans. Displeyst in Israel, The New Suffragette Piece touring, new plays and so, so much more. And we want you to be a part of the whole journey

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