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Support for SCARS Shelter Survivors

Thank you in advance for your support and contributions towards our recent shelter survivors. 

Each of them were extremely urgent and in danger of euthanasia. Shelters are full and time was against them; not one was safe. Thanks to our foster heroes, we were able to pull these beauties from near-death outcomes and place them in safety.  

Pups are at risk of being labeled at the shelter, which makes them less adoptable and more susceptible to being placed on a euthanasia list of 48 to 72 hours to be freed. 

This is where we chose to pull from. Each of these pups were in dire danger, and we got them out just in time. THANK  YOU FOSTERS!

We have learned not to trust labels. Dogs are being labeled as fearful and unadoptable, because they are not friendly, not approachable and showing teeth. We can’t imagine being happy at a place where everyone is towering over you, dozens of dogs barking with fear and anxiety, and especially being in an unfamiliar scary place.


This is the case for Chancho. He dodged the euthanasia room several times by luck! He is a pup that clearly has a history of trauma and will need patience and more time to rehab until he is ready for adoption. We are grateful to his foster family. They have welcomed him in their home and are going at his pace. They will be rehabbing him. True heroes! 


Poor Scotch had been returned, and automatically placed him as a risk because he wasn’t safe enough to stay in the home. He was labeled fearful and also a biter based on the story they gave when they surrendered him and yet the handlers at the shelter and his now foster home have not seen, any biting tendencies from him. Sometimes people will lie to justify why they are giving up on their dogs, not knowing that they are putting them in grave danger. He is the most sweetest marshmallow you will ever meet! 


Whiskey is seen as damaged goods because he has to cherry eyes.  He was a stray and landed in the shelter. His cherry eyes deter many adopters, because they are unaware of the surgical fix. If anything, he is a beautiful treasure just waiting to bring a family lots of love and joy. He is sweet, affectionate, and very well mannered. We will be seeking support to get his cherry eyes removed.  


Sweet Maddie sat in the shelter being overlooked week after week. That shelter is extremely full and every hour she sat there she was in danger to be killed for space. She is at a higher risk because she is not a puppy and she’s a Chihuahua. As you know, shelters are bursting at the seams with Chihuahuas and older dogs and we didn’t want her to become a statistic… so we approached one of our fosters who has a great home-setting for an older female dog, and she excitedly accepted to foster her. She saved her life!  


Little Bunnie was in extreme danger at the shelter. At 10 years old and 4 pounds, she sat in great pain from dental decay for weeks. Though she is cute and adorable, she wasn’t getting any interest for adoption and was running out of time. As you know, senior dogs have less opportunities to be adopted, and in her case, she had her teeth expense against her.  


Zane (formerly known as Simba) we saved from Baldwin Park Shelter. He was labeled, fearful, and unadoptable to the public. He does display signs of trauma and abuse but underneath all that fear we can see his sweet heart and beautiful spirit. Zane is a prime example of why foster care is essential for rescue dogs. Because he is not ready to fully trust and transition into adoption, he will need a foster home that will go at his pace, and allow him to gain trust and build courage. Rescue is not only about rehoming, it’s also about restoring and establishing a new safe foundation for pups that have seen nothing but ugly from humans before.

Each of these shelter survivors will be receiving full vetting and will need foster care supplies. This includes: Vet Exams Vaccines Microchips Spay/Neuter Cherry Eye removal (Whiskey) Dentals (Bunnie and Maddie) Foster supplies (food, bed, safety gear, toys, etc) As volunteers we rely solely on donations to keep our rescue work going. Your donations are our lifeline. Thank you for your support and contributions.