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We have set a goal, a dream, that we strive to reach. For the majority of you, the COVID-19 pandemic possibly resulted in finding creative and innovative ways to survive, and we are no exception. Since Montenegro is not a part of the EU, transports can prove to be quite a challenge. We cooperate with private fosters who require an amount of €50 monthly per dog. Not only the foster fees pile up, but currently the fosters are at maximum capacity.

It is time to finally follow our dream: building our very own SAM-shelter, not prison cells, but a place where street animals will be sure to have a full belly, a soft place to sleep and feel loved and safe. A place where they can be happy and a place where they can be given the care that they deserve, to ensure a brighter future. With our very own shelter we will be able to save and deposit the costs needed to rescue a stray dog or cat at an absolute minimum, and focus on investing more in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), which is the key to decrease the stray animal population. Furthermore, commercial transports can be arranged much more efficiently since they will be affiliated with our future shelter. In short, not only can we transport more dogs at once, but the COVID-19 pandemic will be unable to prevent our rescues from heading to a safe home.

To conclude, we are searching for a flat area of at least 2000m², preferably with a water source nearby and electricity insurance, as well as a decently constructed road which enables an easy access to the shelter to volunteers.

At the shelter we are planning to create:

  • multiple playgrounds for the dogs under our care to be able to enjoy themselves freely and play
  • a quarantine zone
  • a separate place for pups 
  • a small vet clinic with a pharmacy and the basic essentials
  • a grooming place
  • and last, but certainly not least, a cattery.

With €50.000 we aim to purchase the land and begin working firstly on the basic building.

We highly appreciate your consideration and time and we hope for your support in the implementation of our dream.

Donations can be made here or directly to our bank account or PayPal (which will be manually added to the goal bar).

Bank transfer


IBAN: BE40 3631 8770 7063


PayPal or [email protected]

If you choose to donate directly to our bank account or PayPal, please put as reference:

SAM-shelter, followed by ‘anonym’ if you like to stay anonymous.

Everyone who donates without being anonymous will ensure a place in the wall of thanks ( If you have a business of your own and wish to donate, we would appreciate it if you send your logo and website to us. As a result, instead of your name, the logo of your business will appear with a link to your website. The wall of thanks will then be printed, and will be sure to get a place at our future shelter.