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Earthwise Centre Ltd is a CSR registered non-profit company in Mauritius. Our BRN is: C15131982. Our CSR registration is: NCSRF/2018/0005. To learn more about our mission, programs, and initiatives, visit
Updates on the progress of the EARTHwise Game prototype development - 4 November 2023

We are delighted to let you know that thanks to your generous donations we have been able to complete the design for the first set of 2D NFT cards for 10 playable characters of the game: 

  • The 5 Future Arcs of Team New Time: Aleph the Cosmic Coder, Kairos the Future Wizard, Shakti the Evolutionary Alchemist, Gebo the Pattern Weaver, and Eureka the Story Speller.
  • The 5 Shadow Arcs of Team Moloch: Arcon the Shadow Coder, Nyx the Shadow Wizard, Loki the Shadow Trickster, Vendra the Shadow Weaver, and Dolos the Shadow Storyteller.

We've also completed the development of the necessary game documents with our partner VMO for the basic prototype development, which unfolds over four phases: 1. Proof of Concept (POC), 2. Minimal Viable Product (MVP), 3. Alpha version, and 4. Beta version. We are currently working on the POC phase of development, which we aim to complete by the end of January.  

The POC phase of the prototype development includes 3D models for 3 characters, the World Tree of Life, and the Moloch Operating Systems. As well as the 3D game design for the Moloch battleground of the approximately 7-min game-loop. During the MVP phase we will start to develop the open-world features.

To continue the prototype development, we are currently fundraising for the MVP phase. We hope you can continue to support this innovative project. Everyone who has made a donation, will be invited for a special private online celebration mid-December, where we'll share with you all the progress to date, including the 2D designs of the 10 playable characters. 

To give a first impression of the progress made, here below you can see 2 of the 5 Future Arcs, as well as 2 of the 5 Shadow Arcs.

Thank you so much for all your support on behalf of all of us who are working on the game development! 

With gratitude, Anneloes Smitsman and the EARTHwise Team