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TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2021 and film

TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2021

Youtube film about the TOPtoTOP Arctic Research Expedition 2021. Please subscribe.

We wish you all a happy New Year and join us once in 2022!

New Article in German about microplastic research on TOPtoTOP Expedition

Mikroplastik-Forschung, Main Post, Austria, by Christian Hüther, 2021-04-16

ITCA teams up with TOPtoTOP

Team leader Dario Schwoerer contacted ITCA World recently from their current location 70° North at Lyngen in northern Norway, about their latest project to help Inuit teenagers in Eastern Greenland and Sámi youngsters in northern Norway with the mental health crisis that many face as they increasingly lose their traditional ways of life through climate change.

Dario explained how the Inuit families living in isolation on Greenland’s eastern coast are losing their traditional hunting ways as the lack of sea ice and the dramatic rise in micro plastics within the Arctic Circle waters makes seal hunting virtually impossible.

To replace the adrenaline buzz of hunting, youngsters are increasingly turning to computer games and drugs, and child abuse is also prevalent. Whilst eco-tourism is starting to grow in Greenland and Iceland and could become an alternative income for the Inuit, the young people need a new perspective to develop careers in this field.

TOPtoTOP’s vision is to give the youngsters a healthier outlook and engage them in outdoor activities that could lead them into careers as sailing instructors, hiking guides and climbing instructors. Dario wants to teach Inuit youngsters to learn to sail and through sailing keep them in touch with their ocean environment in an effort to help with the mental health crisis that many face as they increasingly lose their traditional ways of life. The Topper, with it’s green and sustainable credentials is the perfect boat for youth sailing and so Dario approached ITCA World for help. Read more:

2 degrees Celsius on 70 degrees North now in January!

We have to save the Arctic. It is really the womb of our planet. Totally under stress by

climate change, and on top of it the plastic pollution, carried North by the Gulf Stream.

The destruction of natural habitats causes pandemics. When we talk about the Arctic, we talk

about the most vulnerable part of our Mother Earth.

Your support enables TOPtoTOP also to invest more in film and social media to finally SAVE the ARCTIC!

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