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"Santa needs a new Chimney "

                                           WARM HEARTS SAVE LIVES 

               Give the Gift of Clean Stoves to Rural Nepal this Christmas

                                 through our charity New Growth.

At New Growth, we believe that healthy homes are happy homes. In 2018, when we embarked on our mission in the central hills of Nepal, we uncovered a pressing issue affecting countless rural families: traditional stoves that posed serious health hazards. These stoves lacked chimneys, allowing smoke to permeate homes, causing long-term respiratory problems and other complications among the rural poor. This Christmas season, we invite you to join us in making a life-changing difference.

Our goal is to provide 400 families with new, efficient stoves, and we've already begun the process of selecting the first 100 families most in need. When you donate a stove through New Growth, you are not only bringing warmth to their homes but also creating a safe and healthy environment for these deserving families in Nepal. 

Here are some of the incredible benefits that these new stoves bring:

1. Removes the Risk of Open Fires: Say goodbye to open flames in confined spaces, ensuring safety for all.
2. Protects Lungs and Hearts: By reducing indoor air pollution, these stoves safeguard the health of families, particularly their lungs and hearts.
3. Reduces Eye Infections: Cleaner air means fewer eye infections, improving overall well-being.
4. Less Wood, More Efficiency: New stoves require less wood, which not only eases the burden on families but also helps conserve precious forests.
5. Lower Carbon Emissions: We're also doing our part for the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
6. Preserves Trees: Fewer trees are cut down, contributing to reforestation efforts.
7. Empowers Women: With the need for firewood reduced, women in these communities have more time for education, work, and pursuing their dreams.

This holiday season, let's come together to bring warmth, health, and hope to those who need it most. Your donation will help us make a lasting impact in the lives of these families. Join New Growth's Christmas fundraiser for domestic stoves in rural Nepal, and let's make this season truly special for those in need.

 Together, we can create a brighter, healthier future.

                                            THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT


  Making the new chimney stove  

                                                         Smoke fills the room,and lungs.

  Sitting in smoke filled homes.