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The law will never make a person free; it is the people who have got to make the law free.

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The Recall Movement seeks to recall Michigan’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General (4 petitions) presented to potential signers in one single opportunity. Thank you for considering joining us in this movement. We welcome the added strength as we prepare to deliver a message direct from the people telling them we are tired of corruption and arrogance.

Participation has been made easy as possible with the highest probability of success. Grassroots support is budget friendly and does not have to be time or labor intensive. Both stages combined are expected to require just 30 to 60 minutes of your time or less. Your support alone adds the potential needed to deliver consequences to the executive branch we expected to from the legislative and judicial branches already! 


(STATUS: ACTIVE as of 03/2021)

Make an active commitment as soon as possible. Registering to sign automatically occurs when making a financial contribution of any amount. Estimated individual participation costs of $5.50 per signer will help provide each potential signer with the opportunity to conveniently and painlessly sign all 4 recall petitions with ease! We are under legislative time constraints, signing must begin no later than October 15th, 2021. Law stipulates they cannot be recalled in the final year of their term. Working with us to get 500,000 pledges will advance the Recall Movement to stage 2 much faster. This can be achieved by spreading the word, and encouraging others to join. Those who wish to sign that cannot afford a financial contribution will not be denied opportunity to participate, they should register immediately using the form on the website to register as a signer or volunteer.


(STATUS: PENDING starts 10/31/2021)

The 60 days of signing and signature collection begins. Those who pre-registered to sign should have been contacted with detailed instructions containing a unique link that will take them to the fulfillment portal to verify identity, receive, securely sign and check in the petitions they were issued. It is likely people will start receiving their follow-up invitations 3-7 days ahead of anticipated signing launch date. Stage 1 will run concurrently until we have collected enough signatures or reach the end of the 60th day of signing, whichever comes soonest.

United States Constitutional Freedom Coalition  (USCFC) developed the vision for the Recall Movement. Troubleshooting many previous recall efforts combined with meticulous research and out of the box thinking over the course of 120 days provided data used in plan formation. Many other variables and predictive scenarios along with vast input and consideration led to the implementation and launch of this new innovative recall initiative. USCFC's plan and strategy involves a custom-built solution compliant with UETA & ESIGN Acts to leverage digital resources that aim to help level the playing fields. In order to see the peoples right to a timely recall is observed, it is very important you support the initiated recalls. 

USCFC intends to help the people facilitate this effort and the complexities involved in Michigan’s potentially unconstitutional and arbitrary recall legislation. It is solely because of early supporters and loyal patriots that resources are available to keep the momentum moving forward. The Recall Movement is for the people by the people. There are many favorable outcomes that bring fruits of success with them, but only with many hands does become light work. 

By making involvement quick, painless and easy as possible joining the Recall Movement bears minimal sacrifice or investment from participants. Because of unrealistic time constraints set forth in Michigan’s current recall procedures, the Recall Movement is strategically divided into stages. Faithfull compliance to advised course of action is the best way to help ensure our continued success. The concept is simple, and requirements can be completed with ease of mind. Questions, comments, or any issues can be submitted by email to [email protected]