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Help Fund The Film: Putin's Third World War

I've just got back from the front line in Ukraine and what's happening there is shocking. For the last year I've been documenting the war and rather than getting better, things are getting worse.

Right now I'm back in Kyiv, but in the UK and America people on the political extremes are blaming Ukraine and NATO for the war, parroting Kremlin propaganda and the noise means people are missing out on the truth about what's really happening. 

Last year, I made the mini documentary Kompromat, exploring the relationship between former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the prominent Russian oligarchs. That was just a small taste of what we can uncover when I investigate with Byline TV.

In the next few weeks I'll be leaving Kyiv and travelling around Ukraine, including the front line, with a Byline TV crew. The aim is to make a full length documentary exposing the reality of this war; the murder of civilians, the fierce fighting by Ukrainians defending their homes, where it fits into Putin's longer strategy and the reality of life in a city constantly under fire.

Making a film in a war zone isn't cheap. That's why we're asking for £40,000 to pay for travel, accommodation, fixers and translators and the equipment to make this documentary safely. We don't have the budgets that mainstream media do, or billionaire hedgefund backers. That's why we can make this film without following anyone's agenda - but we need your help to do it.

So please help us make this vital documentary, and donate today.

John Sweeney

We're looking to raise £40,000 to make a sixty minute documentary. Your donation will go directly towards travel, fixers, protective equipment as well as a crew to actually make the film.

Not only will donors get to watch the film for free before anyone else, we're also offering the following perks depending on the amount donated:

£5: A thank you and your name in the credits
£100: An Associate Producer credit

£250: An Associate Producer credit, plus a virtual screening and Q&A with John and the team

£500: An Executive Producer credit, plus a private screening of the film

£1000: An Executive Producer opening credit, private screening and drinks with John and the team

*Any repeat donations will be counted as one large donation for the purposes of calculating perks.
*BylineTV+ members will automatically get early access to the film. Please donate to receive additional perks.