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School districts do not have the legal right to do this. Protect every child from the requirement to receive the covid shot for school.

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Protect Every Child, Stop the Vaccine Requirement on Children

Our children have suffered long enough. Their education - and now their lives - have and are being used as pawns to manipulate and control the masses to achieve political - and financial - goals. And enough is enough


Going to school is one of the most profoundly significant opportunities a child has for their academic, physical, and emotional well-being. This has always been the case, but is especially true today where children have been isolated and traumatized for almost two years with inconsistent, sub-par learning, if any. 

Despite these realities, and these facts:  

  • There is zero evidence that children are suffering from the virus any more than any other virus of its type.
  • 83.55% of adults 65+, 78.21% of adults 50+, and 64.48% of adults 18-49*, and 90% of teachers** are fully vaccinated.
  • School districts have no legal authority to require additional shots to the mandatory shot list.

Districts are taking it upon themselves to dictate what medicine your child must take in order to attend a school of their choice in person.  

Let us be nothing but explicitly clear: school districts do not have the legal right to do this and, in California, children have a constitutionally-protected right to go to school.  Which is why we are fighting back


PERK - Protecting Educational Rights of Kids - and Children's Health Defense ("CHD") are done watching children suffer and used as shields to “protect” adults who can protect themselves.  Los Angeles, Culver City, Piedmont, and Oakland have all announced requirements that children receive their first dose as early as Sunday, October 3and are denying medical and religious exemptions. It is for this reason that PERK and CHD have decided to sue districts and schools to dispose of these unlawful mandates once and for all and protect our children once and for all. To do so, PERK must raise our first goal of $50,000.00 nowThese funds will allow PERK's Legal Team to go to court and seek an emergency order preventing schools from implementing any vaccine requirements on students.  After the legal team is secured, donations will also support PERK staff running this initiative.

The time is now. This is the Hill. If you’ve been wondering how you can “get involved,” this is your chance. 

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" 

"The time is always right to do what is right." 

It is Time for Us, Now.